Sunday, March 03, 2013

Enough of that!

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

After a bad start to the day, I decided that was enough of that and I had two cups of coffee, and loaded up on Ibuprofen, and took Tyke for a walk. I needed the fresh air because I was tired of being cooped up inside feeling sick. Being outside did wonders for me and I felt like a reborn woman when we got back to the apartment. I think if I keep taking enough ibuprofen, I will do just fine. I know I do not want to be sick anymore because it is a very boring and miserable thing to be and it makes you too dependent on other people. I am done with it anyway. 

So, now I am all dressed up with no place to go, but I am full of good will. I do have an awfully runny nose that would probably prevent me from going out in polite company. And I must not overdo it, of course. 

Gandhi keeps trying to convince me that she wants more and more food every time I walk into the kitchen as if she has been starved all these years. I do measure out her food in little portions so she will not make a glutton of herself, but I do not know when enough has been enough. I suppose if she starts taking on enormous proportions, then that will be a sign. 

Tyke was glad that I took him for a walk myself this afternoon. He is most unhappy when I am sick because I do not act like my usual cheerful self and he gets very quiet and sad. That is another reason to get well again fast. 

I thought I would just give you this little update. I am full of optimism and Ibuprofen. 


Gail said...

May you continue to heal.

VioletSky said...

Yes, I have just come back from a lovely walk in the sunshine, hoping it would make me feel better. I am doped up on Robaxacet fro my tendinitis.

Naperville Now said...

sending healing thoughts your way -- sunlight, ibuprofen and rest sound about perfect.