Saturday, March 09, 2013

Time to relax.

Because there is an unwritten rule that says that the weekend is a more relaxed time than the other days of the week, I will take full advantage of it and laze about as much as possible and take care of my sick body. I am already doing better and even manage to walk Tyke twice a day. That is quite an accomplishment for me and I do not manage much else, and I do have to take a very long nap in the afternoon in order to make it through the day. 

I am still coughing an awful lot and especially my right lung seems to be full of whatever I am trying to cough up but am unsuccessful at. When I look in the mirror, I can tell that I am still sick because my eyes have that dull look in a very skinny face, but I am eating better and I do not have a fever anymore. 

The weather was lovely all week and I got to enjoy the last little bit of it, but starting Sunday we are going to have cold, wintry weather again. The whole country is highly ticked off about this. 

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Rudee said...

It took 3 weeks, maybe even 4 for my cough to go away from a viral infection I had in January. I hope you're all better soon.