Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Indulgence and so on...

I got out of bed this morning when it was still rather early and for some reason decided that it was time to get up, but I do get confused about matters like that at times. I probably had an eagerness to start the day because I am never short of that, although I do appreciate sleeping too. But when you are awake, and there is no chance of you falling asleep again, and you are curious what the weather looks like, you do have a tendency to get up and look out the window.
To my great relief I saw there was sunshine and that was the final deciding factor and I made some much needed coffee and took my medicines. Although I usually wake up in a good mood, it really is not a good morning until I have at least one cup of coffee in my system and then it is great. I can deal with almost anything at that point, although I would rather not and very quietly have another one and then take Tyke for a walk.
We were out there before it was 7 am and nobody else was. I specifically looked for the sunny places to walk in, but sometimes that was impossible because the sun was still low in the sky and there was still a lot of shade from all the buildings. I think Tyke got my meaning and obediently followed me to the brightest spots. He did want to roll in something stinky, but it was invisible to me, so I don't know what happened there and what the attraction was.
I always praise him hugely when we get home and he has been especially co-operative and he has come to count on it. It is a real disappointment to him if I do not do it and I seldom do not pet and praise him. He really does try to be on his best behavior while we are out and whatever error he makes is a result from pure exuberance. Sometimes he forgets everything around him and is completely caught up in his own world and what is taking place there. He is just like a little kid.
Gandhi usually sits waiting in front of the living room window and it is customary that I greet her from outside and then she walks to the front door and waits for us there. We do have our habits, but I think she rightly expects to be fed along with Tyke, so there is some anticipation for that. She has not grown tired of her new kind of food yet and I can still make her happy with it several times a day. There is one difference in that she does not eat as if she is starved now, so her greatest hunger has been taken care of.
I have to take Tyke for a walk now in the bright sunshine and that is no punishment, even though it is cold. The blue sky is a welcome sight.

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