Monday, March 25, 2013

Sit very still and nurture it...

I am having some delicious cups of coffee after Tyke woke me up from a nap that was taking much too long for me to wake up from. It was my intention to lie down for only an hour or so, but instead of that, I fell into a deep sleep. Tyke decided that it was past his dinnertime, however, and right he was too, so I made him a bowl of food while I waited for the coffee to get done.

Gandhi paced on top of the kitchen counter, letting me know that she was not going to eat those dried up bits of meat that were lying on her saucer, so I had to come to her rescue also. I still do not know how I was capable of functioning that well before I had any caffeine. I think I was doing it on automatic pilot, otherwise it would have cause me too much stress. Some things you have to do without thinking about them.

One thing is for sure, I ate the goat milk yogurt that the Exfactor brought over, and I had no problems with it other than the usual ones that I always have when I eat anything. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, so I think I tolerate it. I am so happy about that, because now I can have it a few times a week as a special treat. I now also know that it was not the goat cheese that made me feel ill.

You can have too much of a good thing and I am all done having coffee and switching to ice cold lemonade because I am dried out. That is one thing that caffeine does to you. I have also got very dry skin and have to make it a point to rub baby lotion all over it tonight. That is something I must not forget to do. My domestic help threatened to plunge me in a bath with baby oil today, so before she gets her hands on me...



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Maggie May said...

I smiled at your suggestion of being plunged into a bath of baby oil. That might not be a bad experience!!! Ha!

Isn't it ridiculously cold still?
Maggie x

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