Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Don't eat the pansies.

It is snowing as I write this and I have already been out there for a walk with Tyke and had to dry him off with a big towel when we got home. Luckily, he likes this very much and stands completely still while I rub him dry, including his big paws. I did not wish for it to snow , because this morning it was merely raining and not as cold. Now there is even a bit of cold wind and when you turn the corner of the buildings by the fields, you get the wind, and the snow, straight in your face. And I do hate to suffer. 

Nevertheless, I do take Tyke for his walks, because I realize how healthy it is for me to take them. Not only physically, but mentally as well. A good walk blows all the cobwebs from my mind, and I always feel so energized when we get back home. They are the perfect breaks I need in my day and the fact that Tyke dawdles now and then, reminds me to be patient and slow down. 

I woke up this morning just before the alarm clock was about to go off, and that meant that I was all done sleeping, which I prefer to being woken up by a loud beeping sound. I had timed it so that I could have two cups of coffee before I had to get dressed and walk to the hairdresser. Tyke did his first business of the morning out back and was not even ready to eat breakfast yet. It was too early in the day for him to come into action. He was only interested in getting more sleep. 

I was the first and only customer at the hairdresser and someone new cut my hair, but she did a great job. At first she wanted to cut my hair in the original style, but I told her to cut it differently and to make it much shorter. I had been having trouble with keeping it looking good, because I sleep on the side that my hair is parted on and in the morning it always looked funny and I had a heck of a time getting it to look halfway normal again. 

I have much shorter hair now than I have had in about a year and I am happy with it. It fits my skinny face better and looks good too when I wear my glasses. I can go out in public now and not be embarrassed by the way I look. I suddenly do not feel the need to wear my snow hat to disguise the fact that my hair is out of style. I do not mind if my ears get cold. It was, after all, all about vanity. Unless it gets colder, of course. 

Speaking of allergies, cow milk is in very many packaged foods and you really have to read the labels. Even in the foods that are supposed to be freshly made and good for you. You can not think that it will not be a problem because I have run into several already. I realize that I have to get very serious about this and not do a halfway job about choosing the foods that I eat and remember the ones that agree with me very well. 

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Friko said...

Going for a daily walk with Millie does me a lot of good too; I never feel like it when the weather is bad but once I’m out, I’m ok. It’s good for us.

I am allergic to dairy products too and use only soya. I got used to reading labels and now I know what I can take and what makes me ill.