Monday, March 25, 2013

It is quite normal...

I just ate two bowls of chicken soup and much to my surprise, they are not bothering me too much at all, as opposed to the pea soup I had yesterday which was really quite a problem. I wish some of these foods came with labels attached to them that said, "Do not eat this, Irene, this is not safe for you." As it is now, half of the time it is a guessing game.
Of course, I was very hungry because I had not had anything to eat since I had that goat cheese sandwich last night and that was not the pleasure I had imagined it was going to be. I do know that chicken soup is going to be among my favorite foods from now on. I will try the vegetable soup  with the little meatballs next. I hope that is as much of a success. There just have to be some foods I can eat.
I am waiting for the doctor's assistant to call me because I called this morning to complain loudly about the state of my health and what was going to be done about it. I was sitting there looking 7 months pregnant and having major cramps. I ended op taking 500 mg of paracetamol for it and that gave me some relief from the pain. My stomach is just as big now, but at least it does not hurt.
I am actually craving goat milk yogurt and am trying to think of a way to get my hands on some. I can not go anywhere because the domestic help is here and I can not leave the apartment. It is against the rules of her contract that the person she cleans house for is not present. I an going to ask the Exfactor if he will get me some. Yeah, that's the ticket.
The assistant called and I am to go over tomorrow morning and donate some blood to be tested for that bacteria that may be in my stomach. I have to take two courses of heavy antibiotics if it is there and I guess the doctor wants to be very sure before he starts me on those. I hope it is and that the antibiotics will be the solution because then I will be cured. I so very much just want to be able to eat regular sorts and amounts of food and it does not even have to be all that much.
The Exfactor will be here with the yogurt soon. He was on his way to the hardware store anyway. He is always on his way somewhere on his bike and I can count on him to be able to always run an errand for me easily. I think I do take advantage of his goodness, but do not tell anyone that.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I can't imagine the patience required to figure out the best diet like you've been doing.
Hope you sort it out soon.

Wisewebwoman said...

That is such a bother, Irene, I thought you had it sorted and now this.

I hope the doc can help and you'll be on your way again with good food.

Nothing like it.