Saturday, March 16, 2013

Feeling no pain.

My favorite kind of sandwich to eat is made with farmer's multiple grain bread, fresh from the "warm baker," with butter spread on it and thick slices of goat cheese. I eat about three or four of them a day and, with my new and improved stomach, I can only say that these are wonderful and fulfilling experiences. As I am finding out that there are more and more foods that I tolerate, I am trying all sorts of different things and having a lot of success so far. I immediately know when something isn't a good idea to eat and stop eating it right away and never try it again, but it does not happen very often. 

As far as I can conclude, I must have been suffering from chronic gastritis that was caused by a bacteria for several years. The treatment for this is a course with a strong antibiotic and that is what I had to take care of my pneumonia. Since then, most of my stomach problems have disappeared. Of course, I have some sensitivity still, because the lining of my stomach must have been damaged and it doesn't react well to fatty and spicy foods. I hope over time this will heal itself and stop being sore. But the difference before and after the antibiotics is amazing and I think I will be done losing weight now. I enjoy eating again and have a good appetite. 

I had extra thick pea soup with sausage and pork in it for lunch and that would have been unthinkable two weeks ago. The meat in the soups I eat is the only meat I have in my diet and for the rest I get my protein from cheese and vanilla pudding. I have been looking at all the different products available in my grocery store on their website so that I can plan my shopping list better and add some more variety. You do discover all sorts of unexpected foods that way. 

I have to take a nap now. It is that time of day again. 


Gail said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Wisewebwoman said...

I just finished a croissant with egg salad, homemade tomato soup (with basil, of course!) and an apple.
I feel I am back on track with my food again and am getting more creative. I have planned seafood crepes for dinner (lots of scallops).
Like you, I love good food.

Maggie May said...

Glad to hear that you are over the worst.
I just got a real feeling that I wanted to eat that warm crusty bread with the goat's cheese. Your description of it was so good.
Maggie x

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