Thursday, February 04, 2010

There are other things in life...

I took a three hour long nap this afternoon. That goes to show you how short of sleep I was. I do have to admit that I took 10 mg of temazepam to steady my nerves, because they became slightly unhinged at about 3 pm like they used to in the olden days when I was still married. Three o'clock in the afternoon seems to be the magic hour for that. That's when whatever I was holding together becomes undone and I become frazzled.

It's a good time to go to sleep, and you will all remember the sign I used to have that said something like, "This is a Rapid Cycle, Go to Sleep Now." I don't know what's become of it. I never did find it again after the Exfactor moved out. Maybe I thought I wouldn't need it anymore and threw it out. I did blame him for my daily rapid cycles, because I got them usually around the time he came home in the afternoon. Now I just seem to have rapid cycles all on my own, without any body's help. That's a pretty good trick.

I have to pay better attention to these things, because I think this has been going on for a while. I always seem to forget the most important bits of information about myself. Knowledge that I have and that seems to get lost in the vagueness of my mind, but that's very crucial to understanding myself. I don't always feel a certain way. I feel certain ways sometimes and not all the time. I go from elation to despair and back again repeatedly and I have to remember that, otherwise I'll ignore my whole realm of feelings and claim that the whole 24 hours were one and the same thing when they were not.

Anyway, Tyke behaved beautifully while I was asleep and I can only surmise that he takes the lead from Jesker. I thought he might get into all sorts of trouble, but he didn't. He was happy when I woke up, but then so was Jesker, and I both let them out back for a piddle. I cleaned up the patio and now have a lot of mulch in the flowerbed and Tyke has decided to poop there, which is good fertilizer. The only thing I have growing there is the nearly out of control winter blooming Jasmine and nothing can kill it. I did invest in some large plastic bags, so one thing I can do is clean up the flowerbed regularly. I really don't think the dog poop is going to compost that quickly and it will turn into a mess in no time.

One thing I'm finding out tonight is that Tyke is a sex maniac and wants to have sex with everything and everybody. Even the cats aren't safe. Now I will have to look into having him neutered, so I better start saving my money for that. The hormones must be raging through his body.

Well, if you missed the photos of the dogs go here. I'm going to get ready for bed. It's been a long and exciting day, believe it or not.

Have a good night!



Babaloo said...

Ah, that kind of answers the question we discussed in our last email. The answer is Yes, it must be done. :)


Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I'm not surprised you felt a little fraught after too little sleep and constant attention giving and excitment with your new arrival.

I'm very surprised the kennels didn't neuter him already. In this country they would not have let him leave the kennels without it being done first. I hope it won't cost you too much money.

Hope the animals are nice and quiet during the night (and don't get up to any naughties!)

Bearfriend xx

Gail said...

Tyke will learn many things from Jesker. That will make it easier since the pack leader is a good dog.

Glad you got a rest.

Wisewebwoman said...

I hope the sleep fixed you up my dear. So glad Jesker is the Sergeant and Tyke the private, but do get him fixed.

laurie said...

i waited until toby was 5 to have him neutered.
that was a mistake.
hope you can scrape the money together fairly soon. maybe the vet will do it now and let you pay him over time?