Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good boy!

I think Tyke hasn't been naughty in three days now. He's done dumb things, such as knock over a glass of juice, but he hasn't been naughty and he's really listening to me. That makes me feel good, because I get the feeling that he's trying to please me, so when I say "no", that really means "no" to him. Of course, I have to knock on wood now just to be on the safe side, because he may get it into his head to do something any minute now and put me to shame. No, he's been great. He sleeps when I sleep and when I'm behind the computer he amuses himself with Gandhi or he sleeps beside me. Housebreaking is going well too, he's not having any accidents anymore and comes to warn me when he needs to go out. Of course, these warnings are very subtle and could be mistaken for signs of affection, but I'm tuned into him well enough to know what they mean and I'm usually right.

His favorite places to lie down are on top of the coffee table and the back of the sofa in front of the window where he can watch the world go by. I've removed just about everything from the coffee table, because he gets on it as easily as if it were any other piece of furniture and he walks onto it from the sofa as if he was walking onto the sidewalk. No amount of saying "no" has made any difference. I can say it 100 times and he will get on it 101 times. He has no sense of decorum. The back of the sofa is perfect for him, though, and I love to watch him watch life in the street. He likes it when I open the blinds in the morning and he can look outside, just like the cats, so I have a whole menagerie sitting there.

Okay, that's enough about that dog now. I do carry on, don't I? Goodness, you'd think I was the proud parent of a toddler.

Because I was out of money and out of supplies, my sister was a good sport and bought me some groceries today and I was much relieved. I should get my money tomorrow, but that is a day too late. It's because I spent so much money getting Tyke that I ran out this month. He was an unplanned expense. That happens sometimes and he was too special not to get out of the shelter. I couldn't leave him there. That cute little monster.

I took a long nap this afternoon and you would think that I'd be all done sleeping now, but I'm already looking forward to getting into my pajamas and bathrobe and getting ready for bed tonight. First I'm going to watch the Olympics on TV and see how badly the Dutch are doing with our one gold medal.

Have a good evening!



Babaloo said...

Oh, my, the coffee table! That boy does have some nasty habits. It's something he will learn, though. If you keep telling him off for it.

I love the picture of him watching life on the street outside.

He is a bundle of joy for you, though, and that's just as it should be.

Any chance of some more photos of the little Tyke?

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I love hearing about Tyke's antics. I also love walking past someone's window and seeing an animal observing life! Let alone three. There's so much cuteness in your life right now!

Nice that your sister helped you out. I'm sure she understands that you had to get Tyke.

Have a good night,

Bearfriend xx

Gail said...

Tyke has given you a new lease on life. Good for him!

You shall have to decide if the table is his or yours.

Maureen said...

I was thinking of you a few hours ago; your Orange got another two medals in one race; the silver and bronze in the women's 1000 speedskating. We got the gold. It was so great to see all three of them up on the podium together, smiling and cheering for each other!

And I never tire of hearing about Tyke. What a sight it must be with him looking outside with the cats! My cats love looking outside too; I read recently that after suiting up cameras on cats during the day, it was determined that was what they did for most of the day when people are gone; look out the window. I guess it's like the TV for them. So I make sure I pull the blinds up (and I tell them I've put their TV on for them). It takes just seconds for them to take their places in front of it.

Almost time for my bed; I am looking forward to another Friday!

laurie said...

gad, he sounds adorable.

Maggie May said...

I had to smile at your description of Tyke lying on a coffee table! How cute is that.
Also your remark that anyone would think that you were the parent of a proud toddler. Well in a way you are ...... and I think it is doing you the power of good!

Enjoy him today.X

Nuts in May

Lane said...

He was money well spent. Absolutely no doubt about that:-)

Wisewebwoman said...

You absolutely have to get a picture of those 3 from outside the window, k?