Saturday, February 20, 2010

In the middle of the night again.

I fell asleep on the sofa at about, oh, I don't know, 9 pm or something like that, and I just woke up again and find myself temporarily wide awake. There is nothing of interest on the Olympics right now (cross country - classic style), so I have to entertain myself in an other way. Well, I'll be darned if there wasn't that computer sitting right there waiting for me to use it. It's true that the computer has been my best friend many times in the many nights that I've found myself awake, but you know how I feel about them now, so it is with a certain amount of wariness that I turned it on and started writing. I don't want to be seduced by its charms and suddenly be strangled by it in a choke hold of anxiety and stress. I'll just assume it's not going to happen and merrily go on my way. I can't write with the idea that I'll be doomed half way through this epistle.

So anyway, I took the cute little fur ball to the vet last night. Partly to get a little check up and make sure that everything was okay, but also to have him look at his eyes, because Tyke had surgery on his tear ducts prior to being put up for adoption. His lower eyelids had been red and his eyes had teared and I wanted the vet to look at the state of them.

To Tyke it was a whole new adventure and he checked out every corner of the waiting room and was very curious about all the people who came in with their animals who all turned out to be cats in baskets, so there was not one interesting dog to interact with. Suddenly he spotted a huge poster of a cat's head on the wall and he started barking at it very loud as if he was scared of it, so I walked him over to it to get a better look. He approached it with much trepidation.

The vet checked him over well and looked at his eyes and said that he had especially droopy eyes and that they were a little bit inflamed and gave me a tube of antibiotic ointment to be applied twice a day. I got the impression that the vet really liked him and thought he was a good dog. He gave him a denta stick as a treat, which Tyke appreciated very much.

I asked him about having Tyke neutered and he said, why would you want to do a thing like that? I told him that he kept pestering Gandhi all day long and he said not to worry about it, that it was just part of his youthful exuberance and that he would outgrow it soon enough. He said he did not like to neuter cocker spaniels unless it was absolutely necessary, because they tend to get fat and he had some very overweight ones in his practice. He said that Tyke was not an aggressive dog and that he really didn't see the need for it at this point. So, I'll take his word for it, because he knows best in the end after all. Tyke gets to keep his family jewels.

I have been walking Tyke on a short leash, which has been an exercise in frustration, because he nearly pulls my arm out of my socket and he doesn't have any room to wander from one spot to the next and really check things out. Yesterday I started walking him on the roll out leash and that is so much better. He has room to explore his surroundings and is not constantly pulling at the leash and he is getting more exercise, because he is doing a lot more running around. I don't constantly have to suddenly stop and go and have my arm dislocated. It is a much better system and I can reel him in if I need to. I always had Jesker on that leash and I don't know why I didn't put Tyke on it right away. He enjoys it a lot en generally goes in the right direction. Ach, you live and learn.

I'm getting sleepy now and will head to bed after I eat something. I will watch a little bit of the Olympics and hope there's something interesting on. I like cross country - free style, I hope they show that and I hope there is some speed skating on.

Have yourself a wonderful night!



Maureen said...

Ah yes, Casey loves that reel out leash too; especially when there is room for her to run a bit. It allows exploration, but I would have to be careful when walking near trees or benches; she had a knack of going the wrong way and getting all tangled up! It was quite a sight to see us both trying to sort ourselves out!

laurie said...

love these tyke stories, and lucky him, not getting neutered. yes, the extenda-leash is useful as long as you can reel him in quick enough when you have to.

Babaloo said...

Well, the vet may be right. You'll see how it goes. If he still keeps pestering the cats and visitors etc in a year or so, you can still get him neutered.

And the extendable leash is a good idea! Makes for much better walks for both of you. x

Maggie May said...

I just love that picture of the cats on the window cill.
So Tyke will keep his manhood. Bet he is pleased. I suppose he never really knew that he was in danger of losing it in the first place!

We have had a cold but sunny day......... hope you have too.

Nuts in May

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. Is it just me or are the last 2 photos recylced? Not that I'm complaining as I enjoyed seeing them again!

Poor little Tyke with his eyes! Must be quite a job getting that ointment in his eyes. I had to put stuff in my eyes when I was a child and I hated it. I feel sorry for him!

I can just imagine his curiosity at going somewhere new. Oh to be young with everything new and exciting!

Bearfriend xx

Wisewebwoman said...

I know about those unneutered dogs, same advice we got but we had to get Toby done eventually as he literally humped everything, including strangers' shoes. Most embarrassing.
It was the poor cats we had that finally convinced us!
Tyke is in such good compansionship with you, GSW! Lucky fellah.