Thursday, February 11, 2010


I had a stack of magazines on the coffee table and while I was asleep on the sofa, Tyke pulled them to the floor and shredded them to pieces. I didn't notice a thing, but woke up to chaos. It was actually very funny, because he stood there wagging his tail as if he had done something very wonderful. When I cleaned everything up, he wanted to "help" and got in the way every time I picked up another piece of paper. He thought we were having a great time. I guess we were, in a way. We were bonding over an activity. They weren't important magazines and he left the Ikea catalog unmolested, so I can easily forgive him, but I do wonder what's next. I've put everything that's important out of reach, but I may have overlooked some things.

Other than that, Tyke is my little lovable ball of fur that I kiss all day long and just want to squeeze and hug. He's so darn adorable. The house training is going very well and he hasn't had any accidents lately and he lets me know when he needs to go outside. He wants to please me and do the right thing and I make a big deal out of it when he does. He sure came into my life at the right time. It couldn't have been more perfect.

Yesterday it was snowing and there are a couple of centimeters on the ground. It was predicted and there will be more today and Friday. It's coming from the cold North where such things are a common occurrence, although they appear to be here too, nowadays. I saw a lot of snowdrops in someone's garden the other day and I wonder if they will still be there when the snow melts. Next week I'm going on a special mission to see if there is anything green poking out of the ground yet.

I slept an awful lot yesterday. I wandered in and out of sleep all day long. It's very healing, though, and it feels like a balsam to my soul, although many poets have said it before me. It is true and it really does work that way and I think people should be given sleeping cures when they deal with something especially difficult. You would have small wakeful periods during which you dealt with the problem you're facing and then sleep for a long time.

Now I'm sitting here in the middle of the night with my cup of coffee and my cigarette and it isn't even my good coffee, because I ran out of that and I'm drinking an inferior coffee that I had left over from a previous purchase. I sure can tell the difference, though, and it is not nearly as enjoyable. You wonder why people buy it at all. Because they don't know any better, I guess. This coffee I drink should be advertised better. Oh no, that would drive the price up, better leave it as it is then.

I've slept on the sofa, preferring that to my bed and I slept in my bathrobe and slippers with Tyke by my feet. It was very cozy. Sometimes I like sleeping on the sofa better. It seems like my bed is just a lonely cold place to go lie down in and not at all comfortable and cozy. I think it has to do with the temperature of the room, because there is only single glass there in the window and it has a tendency to get damp in there. The sheets feel cold when I get into bed. It's better in the summer time when I have the window open and it's nice and warm and dry in there. I'm hard to please.

I'm going back to the sofa now after I eat some porridge. I will turn on the TV for repeats of the news. I missed it last night because I fell asleep during it. Tyke is snoring up a storm. It sounds very funny coming from such a little dog.

Have a good night, I'll see you in the morning.



Connie Rose said...

Glad things are going well, that Tyke is such a love, that you're recovering from the recent loss. Time has a way of taking care of everything. Much love.

Anonymous said...

I was sorry to hear about your loss. I am very behind in reading. I know how hard that must have been on you.
However, Tyke sounds like a love bug, that will keep you busy and bring you a lot of happiness.


Babaloo said...

Ha ha, sorry, I had to laugh about Tyke fighting with the magazines - and winning! Ben did that to the phonebook once. When I came home and pushed the door open, the whole hallway was covered in yellow little paper bits.

Tyke sounds very adorable! Glad you have him.


Gail said...

Ah, the training of a juvenile dog is such a joy!

I would try to sleep through most of that too...kidding.

I am glad Tyke and you found each other. It was meant to be.

Maggie May said...

Glad you could forgive Tyke for the magazine episode. Just as well it wasn't you artwork! He is only a little baby. He will learn.
I think tyke is doing you good.

The weather here is sunny but extremely cold.

Nuts in May

Wisewebwoman said...

You may have to buy him so really good chewys, GSW, to keep him busy!!
Glad he is such a butterball of love.
Have you tried a hot water bottle in your bed?

laurie said...

there is no more comforting noise that the peaceful snores of a devoted dog.

laurie said...

ps toby once destroyed a couch. so tyke could do worse.

Maureen said...

Ha! Oh the joys of puppies!!! Tyke sounds like a rascal, a lovable rascal though. Be sure to keep your artwork and books out of reach! It's like "baby-proofing" isn't it?

Have fun!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. So cute and sweet how you write about Tyke! I think you must be pretty well bonded already with all that lovin' going on!

It continues very cold here too though no snow. The wind has been utterly bitter.

I saw the first crocuses the other day. They weren't open enough to photograph though.

Hope you've had a good day,
Bearfriend xx

Debi said...

Wisewebwoman made a good suggestion. I've mentioned my dog Ansel, now full grown sized but still probably only a year old. I buy really big rawhide type chews for him. He's an outside dog, except on frigid nights. That's when he gets one of those big "bones" to keep him out of my stuff. Unlike you, I get more perturbed at those overnight disasters.

I'm awfully glad to hear Tyke is giving you so much joy.