Thursday, February 18, 2010

To write or no to write?

Here I am sitting behind the computer again early in the morning with my empty coffee cup and my just lit cigarette. I am contemplating making a mug of tea, because I'm almost out of coffee pads and I have no plans to go to the store yet. I have to get paid first and that should be tomorrow. I have Gold Tea from Lipton, or Green Tea with Lemon, or Red Bush Tea. I have to decide which I want. I think right now I'm in the mood for Gold Tea with a spoonful of sugar. Okay, that's coming right up! I can't wait to drink it.

I don't drink tea at home very often and I really don't have a good reason why not, except that I seem so hooked on coffee. So, maybe this is a good time to start drinking more tea. It certainly tastes good if you don't put too much sugar in it, otherwise it tastes like sugar water. The next one I'm going to try is Green Tea with Lemon and then I'll have the Red Bush Tea. I also have Rose Hip Tea, but I don't like it at all and it has been sitting on the shelf for over a year now. I have to remember to buy a tea egg, because I also have lose tea that I have to use up one of these days and they are some nice flavors, Irish Breakfast being one of them.

I just looked in the kitchen drawer and found the tea egg and I am now brewing myself a nice mug of tea the flavor of which I do not know, because the label is no longer on the pot. I think it is Irish Breakfast, though, because I think the Exfactor took the other flavors, because I don't see them anywhere in the kitchen cabinet. I've been divorced for nearly two years and I'm still discovering what is not in the cupboards. Well, I've got myself a nice mug of hot tea. You can't beat that.

The little bit of sugar I put in my tea is going straight to my head and I'm getting a little high from it. It's like I've had a bit of alcohol. No wonder I get drunk so easily. It's the strangest experience. I never noticed it as much as now, though I've noticed something similar in the past. If this is the experience I get from sugar in tea, I'm going to drink more tea. I wonder if it is possible to get off the coffee completely and to only drink tea from now on. Would my body go through caffeine withdrawal, or is there enough of it in the tea? Does anyone have experience with this? If so, please let me know.

Tyke is sleeping on the floor beside me. Every time I get up, he follows me to the kitchen. Wherever I go, he goes. I have a total lack of privacy, but I'm used to that by now. I've always had animals follow me wherever I go and watch whatever I do unashamedly. They even "help" me get undressed. Gandhi claws at whatever dangles from my clothes and hangs on tight and Tyke helps me pull off my socks and leggings. He then also wants to take off with them, but that's another story. I usually catch him on time.

I'm going to take my medicines now and lie on the sofa for a while under the red fleece blanket. It's that time of the morning again when I can catch a few more winks of sleep. Oh, how glorious!

Have a good morning, you all.



Elaine said...

Good Morning!

I used to drink coffee - perhaps 5 or 6 cups a day - and then I gave it up, deciding to only drink tea. For about ten days I felt very strange and definitely suffered some withdrawal symptoms. I remember having quite a few headaches.

I only drink tea now, but on the rare occasion I decide to have a coffee, my insides shake and I feel panicky. It's horrid. Tea has plenty of caffeine in it, so I think coffee must have something else in it as well which doesn't agree with me.

Maggie May said...

I am a tea drinker and I went off coffee when pregnant! I have never really fancied it since.
Most of the tea varieties that you mention don't contain caffeine so you mightn't get a kick!
I like a good brew of PG tips! Can't abide weak tea!
I am well hooked.
When I am feeling *off* through chemo...... I like ginger & lemon tea or peppermint tea! I might never touch those again afterwards!

Have a great day. Looks quite promising here!

Nuts in May

Babaloo said...

Ha ha, I'm laughing at the collaborative undressing story! So cute.

Jack follows me wherever I go in the house. And if I'm sitting in the study (as I am right now), he has to come and check on me every 20 minutes or so. I think it's because he can't see so well anymore and he has to make sure I'm still where I'm supposed to be.

Rooibos/Red Bush tea is quite nice when you put a little bit of orange juice in it, no sugar then for me. A friend made that once for me and it's delicious!

And, heavens, has it been 2 years already?!?!

Anonymous said...

You have a lot of different types of tea, obviously someone who enjoys a good cuppa. I never drink coffee but just drink plain Tetley tea, not very adventurous I'm afraid.

CJ xx

Gail said...

Rest well and do something today, completely for you.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I've never heard of it called a "tea egg"! Actually we don't have a specific word for it here. Not that I know of anyway. I'm going to have to look it up!

Black tea has half the caffiene of instant coffee. So maybe a 1/4 of the caffiene of real coffee? All depends on how strong you make it.

I rarely drink tea but when I do Earl Gray is my favourite. I buy from M & S. I can't stand green tea. It tastes disgusting to me! I occasionally have redbush at night as it has no caffiene.

I've found previously that going to the loo in front of a cat can encourage them to pee in the house as well!

Bearfriend xx

Maureen said...

We drink tea on Sundays, Saturday morning is coffee time. During the week I make coffee in my office.

I was asked by a coworker if Starbucks had the Red Bush tea, as her doctor told her it would relax her and help her sleep; luckily daughter was able to get some for her. I'll have to check back with her to see if it helps.