Saturday, February 06, 2010

Jesker's condition...

I just came back from this afternoon's walk with both the dogs and I could see that it was a real effort for Jesker. We walked very slowly and at the end of it I was worried about him making it home. He is confused again and got stuck in a corner in the entryway by the front door and I had to guide him into the apartment. He doesn't want to eat and I have to force his antibiotic pill, wrapped in a slice of salami, down his throat. His breathing is a bit labored as he is lying here beside me and I bet he's got a fever again.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do for him, but pet him and try to make him as comfortable as I can and not leave him alone. He wants to be as close to me as he can and luckily Tyke is getting over the worst of his sex drive. He's not nearly as bad as he was yesterday and leaves Jesker alone now for the most part. The attempts that he does make are halfhearted and I can easily stop him.When I do, he's very apologetic and wants to make up for it as quickly as he can. That's good, because Jesker just wants to lie beside me and be petted every so often.

For a change, I slept all night long. I think I went to bed at 11 pm and didn't wake up until 6 am. That's a record for me, although I think I one time slept for 8 hours. I can't remember when that was exactly. It was last year some time maybe. Tyke didn't get into any sort of trouble, but he did leave two surprises by the back door. At least his intentions were good, he was almost in the right place. I'll put a newspaper down there tonight, so it will be easier to clean up. It's amazing how easily you get used to handling a dog's surprises without gagging.

I'm not falling apart today. It must be because of those extra hours of sleep I grabbed this morning after I had already been up for a while. Sleep is my best friend, I need more than enough of it and more than 7 hours in a night. 7 Hours is not enough for me. I can't function on it.

This is taking me forever to write, because I have to pet Jesker and play with Tyke. It's like having two children who both need enough attention. Then Gandhi threw some books off the bookcase and Tyke started barking about that, because he thought that was scary and not at all the way the way it was supposed to be.

I just took some time out to clear the patio and the flowerbeds of evidence of dog. The more I looked, the more I saw. It's amazing what comes out of a small animal and what difference the sort of food makes. I have made up my mind about what I'm going to feed him now and what sort of snacks he's going to get. It's all a question of trying things out.

Well, I'm going to sit on the sofa in the company of my dogs. I'm sure we'll have a fruitful time. Poor Jesker needs lots of attention. He's lying between my feet now and I'm sitting here like a farmer milking cows.

Have a good rest of the day.



Twain12 said...

poor Jesker , i realy feel for him. I'm sure Tyke senses that he is not well. i hope you have a quiet day yourself!

Maureen said...

Oh poor Jesker... I am glad he has you to take care of him. My thoughts are with you all.

laurie said...

sweet, sweet jesker. i feel your sadness. i am glad tyke is there to rile things up. (you know that's where Riley got his name, don't you? we needed someone to rile things up after toby died. and boy did he...)

thinking of you, and Jesker.

Wisewebwoman said...

Dear darling Jesker.
He is the best!
Take care of each other - all of you!

aims said...

This is why I refused to have another pet. I just can't handle this part of loving an animal so much and watching them slowly leave us. We know in our hearts that it is happening and yet every single improvement makes our heart leap and our breaths almost stop for a moment in our wish to make them well again.

My dear friend. I am thinking of you and your beloved companion with a heavy heart as it does make me so sad.

Babaloo said...

Poor, sweek Jesker. Yes, I'm sure Tyke knows he isn't well. I'd say, let Jesker just go out back for a few days, no point in making him go for walks if he's not up for it and it's just exhausting for him. He may be happy enough doing his business out the back.

Sending you a big hug for all of you!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. Glad you're giving Jesker a lot of love.

Brilliant to have a straight nights sleep like that. It makes all the difference.

I've been forcing myself to get into bed earlier and stay there longer the last few nights and I do feel better for it.

Great that Tyke is behaving so well in general. He's a good boy!

Bearfriend xx