Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Because I am reluctant to spend too much time on the computer for fear that it will take over my life again to the point that it will start stressing me out, I am also reluctant to write a post for fear that I will have nothing interesting to say and that whatever I write will be a boring repeat of the previous one, and that causes me to have writer's block and lose every little bit of imaginative thought I might have had in my head to begin with. Nevertheless, I have to start writing sooner or later, although I do start and then delete and I have done this four times today already, only to shut off the computer with some distaste and to go do something else entirely different.

Tyke is sleeping beside me on the floor where Jesker would have been laying normally had he still been here. It is amazing how one dog so easily took the place of another dog, though it was not that easy for me, but to Tyke that's the place he has to be. I'm teaching him now not to be so subservient when I pet him and to not go lie down on his back with his belly up. I want him to stand or sit when I pet him and he is catching on. I can't stand a subservient dog and I don't want him to show that behavior at all. I know it's normal for young dogs to do it, but I don't have to like it.

It's been slightly raining all afternoon causing the snow to start slowly melting, which is good. The temperatures are going to be higher during the day for the rest of the week, so the rest of the snow will melt and I'm glad about that, because this morning things were slippery. Tomorrow it's actually going to be 6C. Isn't that wonderful? Maybe this is a harbinger of Spring. I hope so. I want to go around and watch green thing pop up. I have to have a good look in people's gardens. Maybe I will discover the beginnings of Springtime there. If all goes according to plan with the snow disappearing, I can go for a longer walk tomorrow and have a good look around. I'll see if those snowdrops are still around and if there are any crocuses coming up yet. I must have faith in that Spring will be here soon. I hang up my hope on that idea. I know I will feel a lot better emotionally once it is here.

Because it's so important that I don't feel any stress, this is just going to be a very short post. I do want to watch the six o'clock news and then watch the Olympics. I will do that nice and cosy on the sofa. I do want to take Tyke for another walk, though, and I'll have to squeeze that in before I do anything else. He's so funny on the leash. Hurry up and stop and hurry up again. Sometimes I almost trip over him.

Have a good evening!



Maggie May said...

I don't find your posts boring.
Don't get too bogged down with how long you switch off for and how long you stay on line. That is bound to be off putting to an artistic person.
Enjoy the Olympics. X

Nuts in May

Maureen said...

Never boring! Your writing flows; it's just like I am sitting there next to you and we are having a great converstaion over a coffee.

Too much of ANYTHING isn't good. We all must find a balance that works for each of us. Enjoy your ever-lengthening walks... it must be such fun to show Tyke the neighborhood!

Lane said...

I haven't spotted a snowdrop yet either. It's about time we saw a sign of spring.

Enjoy your cosy evening.

VioletSky said...

I echo Maureen - it does feel as if we are sitting together over coffee, just chatting amiably.

When I run out of things to write about, I fall back on my photos...
if you see any snowdrops, please take pictures for us!

Babaloo said...

I hope you didn't trip over Tyke in the end. :)

My daffodils are poking their green parts through already but no yellow to be seen yet. And yesterday I put a few hyacinths into pots. I spotted them in the DIY/Garden Centre on the weekend and couldn't resist. They're just green tips at the moment but will hopefully turn out to be a lovely, pale pink soon.

May your weather be good for the rest of this week (and beyond)!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. Maybe you're slightly got out of the habit of writing posts? I know from my own experience that it's just so much harder to write a post if I've left it a week than if I post 2 days after the last one. But it's rare for me to post every 2 days - maybe that's why I find it so difficult to post?

I've no idea what the weather's going to do next. It is slightly warmer the last couple of days, but not at nights.

Bearfriend xx

Twain12 said...

we have no real spring here, i call it mud seasons. It doesn't really start going green until may and then it's almost over night. I miss the springs in Europe. but we do have a glorious late summer and fall. have a good night !

Gail said...

I am so glad you and Tyke are bonding. I do dislike that action in a dog too. I have them sit and pet them under the chin and soon they know, if they want petted, they will sit and lift their head to me.
Enjoy what you enjoy. You are not obligated to write and if it does not suit you for the moment, that will be okay.