Sunday, September 14, 2008

Black Box

The story of the Black Box that you find in my side bar is explained if you click on the text on the bottom of it. If however, you click on the word 'decide', a wonderful world will open up to you and you may have a new addiction. So, explore this when you have a little bit of time and a good hot cuppa something and maybe something to nibble on.

Well, you see I made the move back to Blogger, because there were some things, like the black box, that I could not get to work in Wordpress, leaving me always a bit frustrated. Wordpress had beautiful templates, real classy looking, but there was so much that it did not allow me to do.

In the process I have given my blog a different name, because I am a woman and I am fickle and I am entitled to that. No really, what I wanted was already in use, so I had to pick something completely different and it is fun to come up with something else and to give all of you something to do. You can't get much better than the most splendid day. Well, I suppose there is the most euphoric day, but I am not having one of those now. I am not even having a really splendid day.

My daughter managed to get an message out and she is fine, except that a tall tree landed on her roof, causing damage and needing lots of plastic sheeting to close the hole. She has no power, the streets are flooded, buildings everywhere are damaged, schools are closed of course, much to my grandson's delight, and it will take some time for things to get back to normal, but they are alright. That's the main thing. I knew they would be. They have a guardian angel. All my maternal instincts were right about this. Still, I breathe a sigh of relief.

I got another piece of writing published in Six Sentences and you can read that here. I've turned in some more things that will be published at a later date.

The Überhund is trying to pull a fast one on me and acting like he really needs to go out again and I know it's all a great big pitty party. He just thinks that if he whines pathetically, I'll drop everything and put my jacket on and grab the leash.

Well, I must eat now, because I think I forgot to do that, and take some pills too. Are you all happy that I'm back at Blogger? Will you have a party for me?


P.S. Vanity has gotten the better of me and I wil now accept awards again if anyone gets it into their head to even think of bestowing one on me. I will not display them in my sidebar, because of clutter, but I will show them in the next post. I'm humble, aren't I?


Lane said...

Having you back at blogger is like having you back at home. Wordpress looks classy but blogger is more rugged.

I'm glad you've had word from your daughter and sorry to hear about the damamge caused.

Frances said...

Hello, good to see you - will follow up on the Black Box. Glad life and limb okay in Texas. Sorry about roof.
Keep well dear one

Babaloo said...

Glad to hear your daughter is alright.

And good to see you back on Blogger. I really liked the Wordpress look and was considering moving for a while (I need a template change but don't like the Blogger ones). But I didn't because it was so much hassle. Now that you tell me Wordpress won't let you do certain things, I don't think I'll ever move.

Just have to find a template somewhere that I can adapt to Blogger. :)

Maggie May said...

Blimey! Irene you have had more blogs than I've had hot dinners!
Welcome back!
Glad daughter is safe! Phew! Are you feeling more settled now?
Goodnite x

VioletSky said...

Mission accomplished - got your resettled on my bloglist.

So glad that daughter is okay, though sorry about the house. Must be a very unnerving experience for everyone living there.

The Writer said...

There you are! I thought I had caught up before but apparently not so I'm changing the link on my page. I'm so glad your daughter and family are okay. Sounds like your Uberhund and my Bear have similar personalities! Anyway, thank you for watching and I am "lurking" too, so I'll be back.

Happy wanderings!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Maureen said...

Ah, welcome back! I too prefer Blogger. So many blogging buddies have tried to convince me that Wordpress is far superior, easy to use, that Blogger is for "amateurs", blah, blah, blah.

But I KNOW I couldn't tweak WP to my liking as like I can in Blogger.

So happy to hear your daughter is okay; too bad about the tree, but it could have been far worse. Hope they are back to some kind of normality as soon as possible.

I am off to update my link for you now! Take care,

Eileen said...

Hi Irene!
Glad to have you back at blogspot. I love it when you can show off more creativity. It always makes me smile and inspires me.

So glad your daughter is okay and your mother's instinct was correct. It must be hard being so far away and waiting to get word. A roof is a pain, but can always be fixed.

Congratulations on being published on 6 lines of less. An interesting site, I didn't know about. I liked your piece and will keep checking for more.

Keep the peace in your heart.

Stinking Billy said...

irene, your constant flitting about has introduced a new element to 'follow this blog; and blogs I follow' etc!

For what it's worth I am glad you've returned to Blogger and a traditional layout. I didn't much care for the Comments section in your previous one. x

softinthehead said...

Welcome back Irene, good news about your daughter and her family. Loved the Six Sentences - well done:)