Thursday, September 25, 2008

Early in the morning.

Well, I have sat here all night fiddling with Ubuntu, getting some things to work and figuring out other things, but having a heck of a time getting onto my own dashboard to write a post and that has something to do with cookies and I can't seem to get the thing tweaked right. I got in now by a back door, but it may not work a second time. There are still things I don't know how to do and that bothers me, because I don't like to not know how to do things. Something stubborn in me rears its head then and I keep going until I have it figured out. I'll be darned if I don't find out how to do it.

The Überhund finally gave up on me and went to sleep in the bedroom. He came out briefly very early and had a pity party, but I was not kind to him and told him to lay off and quit the noise and he did, much to my amazement, and then he went back to the bedroom. I have no time for shenanigans, I am doing important stuff here. The future of my PC interaction is at stake.

Actually, when I start up the computer, I have a choice to go with Windows XP or with Ubuntu, if I don't do anything, it goes to Windows by default. The start up screen of Ubuntu is very pretty. It has a stylized heron on it and a nice color background, very artistic. Ubuntu is an ancient African word that means 'humanity to others'. It is mine to share with whoever I wish to. Completely free of royalties.

I can't believe I stayed up all night and I am not in the least bit tired, just a bit cold, so I'm wearing an extra cardigan.

Yesterday, I bought a pair of high tops for 6,95 Euros at a very cheap store. They look like boxer shoes and they are black with black laces and they are very comfortable to walk the dog in. They have zippers on the insides, so they are easy to get on and off. What a bargain, huh? Oh, I love to make a good deal.

My daughter called me yesterday and there was a small chance that she was going to have her electricity turned on again that day after all that time. My grandson has not been to school all this time and my daughter has taken him in to work whenever it has been possible. She said that right after the hurricane, the downtown area looked like Armageddon had happened. An insurance adjuster was going to come by her house yesterday to look at the damage to her roof and see how much it would cost to get it fixed and all that good stuff that needs to get settled on.

Her dog wasn't in the least bit scared when the storm just kept whipping and howling around their house endlessly. Their cat was in a cozy place inside. My daughter did say that it was as if there was never going to come an end to it, it seemed to last forever.

The Überhund keeps coming out to see what I am doing, but he has not dared to ask for a walk or anything. I must take him out now, though. It is not fair to him if I keep sitting here like a maniac. A fanatic woman. I knew I would get this way once I got started on this darn thing.

Okay, I'll be good now and take the poor animal out. It will be good for me too.

See you later today, maybe.



Elaine said...

You're a braver woman than me, Irene. I wouldn't dare try to install something on my laptop...I'm a techno retard. I hope it all works out ok. I had to laugh when you said you managed to get into your dashboard page by the backdoor. Where the hell do you find a back door anyway? Lol.

Talking about being brave...your daughter must be very brave as well to sit through a hurricane. We're so lucky here in the UK. We all moan about the weather but we're so fortunate to not have to deal with life destroying stuff like that. I hope her world returns to some kind of normality soon.

Lane said...

Hats off to you Irene. When you want to do something, you do it!
Hope you get some sleep today:-)

Babaloo said...

You're like Felix in that respect, Irene, he has spent many a night in front of the computer to get something new installed.
It's great that Ubuntu is working! And I love it, too, that it's royalty free and you can do with it whatever you want. Not that I'd have any talent or inclinations to dabble with programming but if you could, then you were allowed to do it with Ubuntu.

Poor dog, he must've been wondering what you were up to all night, instead of sleeping. You have to get some rest now during the day!

Jo Beaufoix said...

I'm sure you'll do it but I would find this infuriating too. Hope the walk was good. :D