Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Since I have been out of the running for a while when it comes to giving out and receiving awards, I don't know if it is a done thing at all anymore, but I am going to put my foot in it and hand out some awards to people whom I have recently discovered and who I think deserve a little token of appreciation.

I want to give the first award to Angelina Williamson of Dustpan Alley who does a great job getting people enthused about growing their own produce and preserving it also, but in a very excited and lyrical way, not so cut and dried as I put it here. I want to give her the following award:

Then there is a real personal favorite of mine, and it has nothing to do with the beautiful hand made cards that she sent me, of course not, and that is Diane of Pebbledash, who takes wonderful photographs of ordinary pretty things that nature has to offer right around her, and who is also very handy when it comes to arts and crafts. I want to give her this award, the now famous Mwah Award:

Feeling virtuous and good, I'll leave that part of the proceedings behind me and tell you that I've had a perfectly fine day. I did make a small error in judgment and thought I was awake at 3:30 AM, but I quickly found out that was not the case, as my head kept wanting to fall off my neck, and I went back to bed and slept until 9 AM and the Überhund slept even longer than that, proving my point that he can go for a long time without having to relieve himself, so the show he puts on in the morning is all shenanigans.

Then I proceeded to waste my first hours behind the computer instead of doing more useful things such as dishes and laundry and administration, but there was nobody looking over my shoulder and I thought I could very well get away with it and i did.

I was still waiting for the delivery person to come as I missed her on Saturday and on Monday, but she finally showed up at 2 PM and not only brought my green cardigan, but also my ankle boots that I had been waiting for for over a week. I tried them on first and they fit great and look great and I am a tough broad in them. I like being a tough broad. It's always been my ambition in life to be a tough broad and at times I have thought I was one, but mostly I was faking it, now I really am one and can fill these boots.

The green cardigan was a good choice and I have several outfits that go with it, so I am well pleased. I like it so much when I am put together well, but I especially like the boots as they do great things for my image, even though you can't appreciate their whole effect when they are hidden by my jeans. I have to make sure I sit down a lot and pull up my jeans a bit. If I cross my legs it works well. All I need now is a leather jacket and you now, that would keep me warm in winter too.

My nephew turned 14 today, so I went over there this afternoon wit the Überhund, who does not like to share me with so many people, but he has to learn. My nephew had gotten some super duper mobile phone for his birthday, the workings of which are a mistery to me, but I know it has a camera and a radio in it. I like my mobile phone uncomplicated, and oh, when mine rings, it sounds like angels singing in heaven, very ethereal. I like it when people ring me up on my mobile phone.

So, my nephew turned 14 and he is not a rotten teenager at all. He is a good kid. I would like to cuddle with him, but I don't think he would allow it, but he is very approachable other than that. He goes to the Atheneum, which is a high form of secondary school and he does his homework in the blink of an eye. Very smart, that kid is.

So, anyway, before I went over there, I didn't completely waste the afternoon. I got all my paperwork in order and filed and I had noticed how dirty the keyboard of the computer had become and gave that a good cleaning and it now looks brand new again. All sorts of things had been spilled on it by me, I can't blame anyone else.

I remembered to water the plants and the rubber plant is doing great, but I have my doubts about the heather that I have in the pots inside. I think they would rather be outside and they are taking on a petrified look. No doubt I'll be going to the plant store to get some plants that I can't kill to put there instead. Maybe something fake or something very hardy like 'mother in law's tongue'. I can't think of the English equivalent right now.

I find doing the dishes to be a very soothing job, because I don't have that many of them and there are no pots and pans. I wash and dry everything all at once and put it all away immediately. I've invested in some drinking glasses and now have enough kinds for when I have company and they are all nice and clean and neatly lined up in the cabinet.

But will I ever have company, that is the million dollar question. I sure don't seem to be in a hurry to make friends, am I? I sort of neglect that part of my life completely as if it is not important to me at all. I think I must plan a party and invite some people, I think that will be the best thing to do.

I am feeling like having something incredibly good to eat. I always get cravings at this time of the day and make a quick run to the super market to get something good. It's a bad habit that I have gotten into, but it is oh so pleasant when you want to indulge and the spirit is weak. I am not losing any weight as a result, but I am not gaining any either.

Right then, either way, I'll stop writng this self indulgent epistle and try to make a decision. It will be a toss up between good and evil. Between kind and unkind. Between indulgence and discipline.

Hav a great day, keep the boogey man away from you as far as possible. He comes in many guises.



pebbledash said...

Irene, thank you so much! That's so generous of you, and I'm truly honoured and grateful. Are you happy in your new home? I like your banner and blog name. And it sounds like your hound has you twisted round his paw!!
D x

The Writer said...

Hey, you've got to get a picture of the boots up here! They sound like a rip and just what you needed.

Now for the million dollar question: Did the delivery girl take the two black cardigans back with her?

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Jo Beaufoix said...

Yeah, I want to see the boots too. And weight loss is so blumming annoying sometimes isn't it.

Stinking Billy said...

irene, yeah, yeah, but dishing out awards to lovely people does not disguise your secret passion for phallic symbols, as fully illustrated by the picture at the top of your page.

You are hot, baby!

Frances said...

Nah, Irene, the question is
Do you really want company?

If you do then of course you can just invite people round and be sociable.
Depends how much you want to lose your privace and solitude. At the moment you have been enjoying time and space of your own. Whenever you want to party you can. Your nephew sounds great - glad the new clothes are what you want.
Keep an eye on your sleep patterns and moods. So far sounding manageable, but your friends want to be sure you're okay.

Anonymous said...

Hi Irene, caught up with you at last!

I don't think having company is important, so long as you are happy with yourself.

CJ xx

Frances said...

BTW - Irene, is the latest blog photo of your new hairstyle and the new cardigan? I am a bit slow on the uptake but you look a LOT slimmer in this picture, so I am thinking it might be a more recent pic- c'mon, tell us.

Irene said...

Oh, the Exfactor was here to take my picture and I forgot that he should have taken a picture of my boots. Never mind, I'll look on the website where I bought them.

aims said...

Hmmm....will we have to call you Ms. Boots - Puss in Boots - Bossy Boots....hmmmm

You are always so happy with new clothes. Makes me smile.

Is this a pic of your new hairdo? All spiked up and hard and is that your new green sweater? Lovely!

You're back from your bit of tiredness and lookout! You go girl!

Irene said...

That picture of me with the spiky hair and the green sweater was taken of me this afternoon by the Exfactor. I tried not to look to sexy while he took it, but was unsure of how to look instead, so I just looked kindly, although I wanted to look like a tough broad. I don't think I succeeded, because i need to practice that look in the mirror some more.

John said...

Back to blogger - holy cow, batman!

The new picture is quite striking artistic and mysterious.

My best, mum - ahhh, I mean tough broad.

Irene said...

Oh John, you know how fickle I am about my headers. I try whatever seems to fit and be the right size. That prevents me from going to Paintshop Pro and having to cut the pictures to size, because I am that lazy sometimes. And than I run into things and I think, that is nice! I want to try it all. I am a greedy little bitch, uh, tough broad.

Irene said...

Oh, you were talking about my picture, well yes, it is sort of half cast in the shadows giving me a mysterious appearance. Sort of like Greta Garbo, I suppose. Or like Bev, always unidentifiable in her pictures.

Bev said...

Wow!! You look GREAT! Most definitely sexy too.

Angelina said...

Thank you so much for the award! I'm so glad you enjoy my babbling ways. I also appreciate the encouraging and positive comments you leave me from time to time-always enjoyed by me!

Anonymous said...