Saturday, September 20, 2008


After I had been up this morning to walk the Überhund and to write the last post, I was very sleepy and went back to bed. I was just getting comfortable and snug under the duvet when the doorbell rang and it was a delivery person with a package for me. I knew what was in the package, because I had ordered it 2 days earlier, but I was too tired to open the box and put it down and went back to bed and slept for 3 hours. The Überhund slept on his pillow next to me.

Then, when I woke up and I had made myself my first again cup of coffee and lit my first again cigarette, I was ready to open the box, because inside it was my new digital camera with extra rechargeable batteries and a 2 GB memory card. Yes, I know how to shop right. This was one of my embarrassing spending money moments, of which I have had several these past weeks.

I bought a Kodak Easy Share C713 on sale and it has 7 mega pixels and a zoom lens and this morning I have taken a crash course in learning to use it with the help of the Exfactor whom I had to call, because I could not figure out how to fit the rechargeable batteries in the battery recharger. There was a trick to that, that I did not know of, because they were of a different size then what I normally put in there. The batteries that came with the camera, had to be put in ass backwards, which made me unable to get the camera started until I figured that out. I did figure that out on my own.

The Überhund does not like to be a patient subject for portraits and refuses to sit still and look adorable, but then again, I have enough photographs of him and the cats, so I will not be chasing them around and bothering them much. I had the Exfactor take some photographs of me and only one turned out well enough to be posted here, so here it is:

That's me in my leather jacket and I am sorry that you can't see my boots, but I had to crop the picture to make the whole thing more attractive.

So, I hope that satisfies your curiosity about me, it certainly satisfied my curiosity about myself.

Now I am going to do something useful like take a nap or walk the dog, which are two extremes and I may do one after the other.



aims said...

You look fantastic Irene!

Look at you! Look at that gorgeous necklace! And the jacket! Wowza!

You're going to be fine my friend. You're reeling in the escaped moments and getting them under control.

I'm so proud of you I'm popping my buttons (like stinking billy says)

Frances said...

looking good gal. Wow that weight loss is really showing - isn't it? You are looking well as well as great.
Now we are looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing that you are not going into to much of a hyper state, the shopping sounds a bit wild at the moment, sweet friend. But at least you are making good investments in things which will last and be useful.

Wild Cat said...

Love the jacket!


Maggie May said...

Wow Irene.......... look at you!
And the coloured tights too!
The jacket is lovely.
And the digital camera. now we will have more photos.
G/nite X

Maureen said...

Wow, Irene, you look fab! I love the jacket, the colorful duds and your hair...

You really are looking great.

Can't wait to see more photos; enjoy your new camera!!!!

Stinking Billy said...

irene, you look ready for action, girl, sort of all dressed-up and nowhere to go. Next time you get into that gear, get yourself out and hit the town, babe. x

Irene said...

Hey Billy, I try to look that good every day. I could go out on the town whenever you're ready.

Babaloo said...

You really are a cool broad, Irene! Oh, what have I missed... I don't show up here for a couple of days and you've got a new camera and a photo up and all sorts of exciting things are happening. I really have to catch up.