Thursday, September 18, 2008

A leather one.

It was my intention, yesterday morning, to go to those second hand clothing stores to look for a leather jacket and with that thought in mind, I hopped on the bus and took it downtown and got off at the market square. Once there, I started to walk in the direction I thought the second hand clothing stores were in, but then I thought that I might as well check out my favorite regular clothing store to see if they had any leather jackets and to see what the prices were. After all, I had no idea what those things cost and what would be a fair price for one second hand.

So, I changed direction and went to M&S Fashion and once there walked all the way to the back of the store were the jackets were and they had leather jackets alright. A whole selection to choose from and the prices were very reasonable. I tried on a couple, but came back to the one I tried on first which was on sale at 20% off. It was the one I liked best. It had a zipper opening and 4 smaller zippers on the front and it was waist length. I didn't need to think about it very much and I whipped out my credit card and bought it and wore it out of the store.

I felt like a real tough broad walking there with my boots and jacket on and I called the Exfactor to see if he was at work so I could go over and have a coffee there. I walked into that place as if I owned it and the Exfactor said that all I needed now was a Harley. This was a underhanded compliment, because he can't stand Harleys, but the secretary thought I looked great and commented on my weight loss. Apparently my face has gotten a lot thinner.

I had one cup of coffee and was out of there and walked through town to the bus station, wanting to try out my new image on the unsuspecting public. Well, let's face it, I didn't cause any sort of an uproar and nobody fell of their bike or anything. To the public, I was just an ordinary hip woman walking by, like there are so many of them. No big deal, really, but it was to me. I like wearing these clothes and I feel good in them.

When I got home, I had to walk the Überhund and he doesn't give a darn what I look like, so that was no problem. When we got back to the apartment, I had to do the dull ordinary cleaning stuff, so I had had my moment in the spotlight.

Then the mail came and let me tell you, it was a moment to hit the roof or go through it, because Social Services again sent me a specification that they were not going to give me any money this month, calculated on completely false information, the correct gist of which I had sent them 3 times already, so I called my case manager very angrily and asked him if they had all gone crazy there? He was almost speechless, because he realized a mistake had been made, but how to set it right?

To make a long story short, I am going over there this morning to get an advance on my monthly payment and the rest will be sorted out as quickly as possible. I am so disgusted, I hardly want to talk about it.

I also got a letter in the mail from the tax people asking me formally in which bank account the rent subsidy must be deposited, but when I looked at the total amount, I figured out that it was only for 4 months and not for 6 months the way it is supposed to be. So, I will have to make a phone call about that this morning.

Can you imagine how worried and discouraged I get? When you yourself do your best to do everything by the rules and then other people come along and rip the whole thing apart?

Oh, I am not going to waste anymore words on this. I am so full of frustration.

In the meantime, I am sitting here early in the morning with the Überhund at my feet, bound and determined to try and make this a day that will have a happy ending.

This afternoon I have an evaluation meeting with the therapy team of the therapy groups I am in. The head of the department will be there also, as will the assistents. I am looking forward to that, because that can only be a positive experience. Here is a group of people that has my best interest at heart and who want what is best for me. It's such a contradiction with what I experience in the other areas of my life and amazing that these things happen simultaneously.

Well, you know, I will stop writing now and hope I can be a little bit more upbeat the next time around. Argh!



Frances said...

agh! bureaucracy - just the slip of a key and things can go so wrong. Glad you are on the ball and got on to it so quickly. I enjoyed the description of you in your new clothes and particularly laughed at the Harley quip! Joie de vivre, that's the thing.
Hope the session this afternoon is good.
Keep well

Maggie May said...

Its like getting blood out of a stone, isn't it?
Anyway, you are quick witted enough to realize these mistakes. Many frailer people might not be able to sort out these gaffs and have to be the losers.
Strut about and enjoy your new jacket! Good for you.
Hope the day is a good one.
Enjoy it. X

Babaloo said...

Ah, don't let the bureaucrats get you down, Irene! Their logic is their very own and most of the time hardly accessible to us mere humans. :)

Glad you're enjoying your new leather jacket! I'm sure you're looking great.

Jo Beaufoix said...

It makes me so mad that people i those positions can't do their jobs right. I mane people are depending on them. Yay on the jacket though. I bet you look fabulous.

aims said...

Hey Tough Gal! That jacket was exactly what you needed! The way you told them off - yes indeed!

6 months ago you would not have done any of these things. Wow!

Give em hell girl!

Eve said...

Congratulayions on the new jacket.

Good work getting through to the correct burueacrat on the phone so that sorting out the mistakes may be an option.

I know I have spent many a fruitless hour on automated switchboards, desperatley seeking a human voice, and you reached two in one day.

Wisewebwoman said...

I really want you to post a pic of yourself in the leather, Irene, ALL of it!!

Maureen said...

Love your new photo, Irene! And your boots, jacket... wow. How wonderful these make you FEEL good. When you feel good, you look good. Way to go!

I have never owned a leather jacket... hmmm. Maybe one day!