Monday, September 22, 2008

A Dye Job.

After not having done so for quite a few years, because of the eczema on my head, I have today pulled on my brave boots and colored my hair. The eczema prevented me from doing so before, because the coloring mixture would burn quite badly on that part of my head, but my sister has given me olive soap to wash my head with and it is starting to work and my eczema is clearing up and I thought it was time to test the waters and satisfy my vanity, because a woman will do anything to look better than she already does, especially a woman with short hair who doesn't have a lot to lose.

So, this afternoon I went to the drugstore and with the help of a sales girl picked out a nice color that is called golden blond, which means it has the slightest hint of red in it. I was all ready for something completely different than the ash blond hair that is my own and that hovers somewhere between gray and blond. I thought, if it turns out awful, it will grow out in the shortest amount of time and I will only have to suffer for a little while.

I read the instructions carefully, but basically nothing much had changed since the last time I colored it, and very bravely I set out to slather my hair in the creamy concoction that I had mixed in the bottle. There was more than enough there, with my hair being so short and I piled it on, covering every teeny hair. It is impossible to see what your hair is going to look like while this stuff is in your hair, because it changes to a dark color that is no reflection of the outcome.

After I washed it out and had applied the conditioner and rubbed my hair dry, it turned out that I had a beautiful head of hair. I am so pleased with it. The color is just right for me and it matches my skin color just fine. I should have been born with it. So, one point for me!

Then I had to get my hair to look nice and casual and windblown, so I messed with it until I got the desired effect and I must say that I look pretty spiffy now and to celebrate that, I put on a whole new outfit, which only the Überhund and I can enjoy right now, but that's okay. It isn't wasted on us and I can parade around in it when I take him for a walk. All's well that ends well.

This morning I had creative therapy and I am done with the collages that form a book together. I have to tie the pages together with some sort of ribbon, but that's it. I am relatively pleased with it, considering this was my first project of its kind. I have gotten some other people enthused about the upside down images technique. It's been a great hit. People come over and look at my collages and want to know what I did and I explain it in the least complicated way, which still leads to confusion sometimes.

I like creative therapy so much that I don't want the morning to end and I almost have to be dragged away from the table and my project against my will. I very reluctantly leave and as far as I know, all the other creative classes are filled up. I have been offered a class in dance or music, the dance is free flowing to world music, the music is a lot of drumming and singing and making joyful noise. I don't know what to do and it requires further investigation on my part. Both classes require that you get in touch with your deepest emotions. I hope mine are of the joyful kind.

I had been shopping at the store most close to my house, but it is also the most expensive one and today, during our break, we were discussing supermarkets and what a difference in prices there are between them. That got me thinking that I should go further afield and look for a cheaper place to shop, so this afternoon I rode my bike for 15 minutes to a different supermarket that I had never even heard off and shopped there instead. I didn't have to get a lot of stuff, but I walked around a bit and compared prices and it sure makes a difference, their prices are a lot lower, especially on the store brands and who am I to say those aren't good enough in most cases?

So, with a little bit of physical input on my part, I will be saving euros with every shopping trip. It's not going to be fun in the winter time, but I will just have to do it and not be chicken about it. Wrap up real warm and peddle like crazy.

Tomorrow is apartment cleaning day. Oh, yippee! And looking at the bank account day. Oh, hurray! Tonight, I am done with being responsible. I may walk the Überhund one more time, but now I am going to watch the news. I must stay well informed, after all, and I am already running behind.



Bev said...

It sounds like you are really enjoying the therapy.

I have dyed my hair on occasions. Once I had a black bob, which looked OK, and once a few years ago I foolishly went blond out of a packet and unlike you, it didn't suit me at all because I am quite dark in colouring and have black eyebrows. I had to do an emergency return to the brown at the hairdressers lol

Although we don't have to do this now, we have lived on a budget in the past. We have a Tesco Express near us (I know people slag them off but I won't hear a word against them) which brought quality cheap fresh food to our doorstep. There is a reason why they are so popular. I often pass this Express on various dogwalks and got to find out the times when they got the reduced food in the chillers. The best time was on the cusp of seven o'clock in the evening. You always have to check the very back of the chiller because the store staff hide the best bargains for themselves lol As a result of this I have in the past have obtained a bundle of asparagus spears for 20p. I may do a posting on this.

I am actually as middle class as they come and very well spoken and doing this sort of thing doesn't bother me at all.

Frances said...

I do most of my shopping at Lidl, and buy own brands and value brands as we were talking about on Bev's blog. If it is possible to buy cheaply, I do. I can't see the point of spending more unless stuff is really better.
When I lived in Bradford with my grandparents, we used to go into town on the bus and stop at Paradise to buy our stuff. That was like Lidl, everything in boxes and at lower prices than in the main supermarkets.
I don't know about hairdye. My daughter used to change her hair colour regularly, and dye her friends' hair too, including the boys... but that seems to be passing. Let's see you with your golden hair now. You are transforming yourself entirely these days. Sounding good. the creative therapy has been great, what is the next project you will do there?

Maggie May said...

Gosh, Irene you sound as though you are doing a complete make over, good for you!
Sounds just the colour for you!
You certainly had a good day. X

Suessigkeit said...

Can't wait to see a photo of you with your new look!!

xoxo, your kiddo

VioletSky said...

Just when we get a good look at you, you change yourself!! Glad you are enjoying your creative therapy, it can only get better, yes?

The Writer said...

So you've got to get a picture up with the new hair!

We're pinching pennies here as well on the groceries. Most of the stuff we bought today was generic store brand stuff as things are getting very expensive, very fast!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

dianeclancy said...

Hi Irene,

I am glad your hair experiment was successful!! Very cool!!

It sounds like you are enjoying therapy so much - yippee!!!

If we all lived closer, we could see your booklet.

On my blog tomorrow morning ... at 8:30 or so my time ... there is a surprise for you.

~ Diane Clancy

dianeclancy said...

Hi Irene,

There is something for you over at my blog today.

Have a great day!!

~ Diane Clancy

Babaloo said...

Sorry I haven't been around for a while... Glad to hear your dye job turned out so well! Our hair colour seems to be the same. I'm also kind of ash blond now but sometimes it seems as if I'm going grey. Wouldn't surprise me.
I'm shying away from colouring my hair, so every couple of months I use a semi-permanent colour that washed out in about 2 months or so. Problem is, most shops don't have that particular brand in my shade of blond. So I really have to look for it.

Oh, and I'm all for comparing prices and I find it very satisfying to save a few Euro during the weekly shop. Even if you have to walk/cycle that bit further for it.