Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Full of Joy.

I just checked my banking account with a certain amount of trepidation in my heart and the tiniest amount of unwillingness to face the dire truth, but oh, my heart is full of joy, because the tax people have, without telling me, deposited 4 months worth of health subsidy in my account and now I am better off than I thought I was. Oh, hurray, I said a little 'thank you, Lord' when I saw that, and I'm not really religious. At least I am not when I am supposed to be normal. I forgot all about getting that money and it is going to make such a huge difference in how I get through the month.

Well, every cloud has a silver lining and I think my clouds usually have one. I must never complain too loudly, because so far, there has always been a solution, even when it has not been the most elegant one. I am still living, breathing, eating, sleeping under a roof and having normal days without fear of disaster. That's something anyway. There are a lot of people who don't have that.

This morning, after I had been up for a few hours, I decided I was still sleepy and went back to bed and fell sound asleep until the doorbell rang and the Überhund started to bark his head off. It was a delivery man with a package for me and I asked him, quite befuddled, why he was delivering packages on Sunday. He looked at me very surprised and told me that it was Tuesday today. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone and completely discombobulated.

Very quickly I went and made myself a strong cup of coffee and smoked a cigarette as deeply as I could and saw that it was time to take the Überhund for a walk, but I was walking around in my pajamas with a sweater on top and socks on and I had a wrinkle in my face from the pillow.

So, first I had to make the transformation into the hip chick that I am when I go outside and I tried to wash the wrinkle out of my face with cold water. I only half succeeded and applied make up and disarranged my hair until it looked floppy and tousled enough, and hair sprayed it, resulting in sneezes from the Überhund. He does insist on watching the process.

When I was dressed properly, I was also quite awake and, even though I really needed more coffee, I bravely stepped outside the door with the Überhund at my side, from which point he proceeded to try and drag me through the neighborhood to all the best places to look for scraps of food, because it had been trash day and he thinks there are edible items in every bush and under every leaf in every gutter. Try and pull 45 lbs of dog in the direction you want to go in.

I finally resorted to getting very angry and scolding him, which helped for the rest of the walk. It helped so well, that he got a reward as usual when we got home and he did ask for it very nicely.

I ordered a fluffy sheepskin with a rubberized backing for him to use in the living room and I think I will put it under the coffee table, because when he is not with me, he seems to like laying there the best. I hope he will like it, but it was not very expensive and I am sure the cats will like it a lot. There may even be arguments about it. I am sure that Gandhi will claim her corner of it and the Überhund will grudgingly allow it.

I am still very pleased with my hair and send admiring glances at myself whenever I pass a mirror. Oh yes, I think, there she is with that new hair color and that really cool hairdo. I think I really forget that I am 54 years old and that I am now having a revival of my youth and am indulging in it in a grand way. I am so happy that I don't have to dress my age and wear nylons and corsets, although a corset does do great things for your figure. It's just the constraint I would dislike. Like being harnessed in and not having any breathing space when bending over. It's no wonder there used to be so many swooning women.

Autumn is definitely upon us now, there is no denying the fact any longer. There is a chill in the air and a crispness that makes the leaves change color. Already some come tumbling down. It will be quite a spectacle as usual and it will be my first autumn as a single woman and I want to specifically be aware of that and really taste the season very consciously and let all the changes not go by unnoticed.

For some reason it is very significant to me. Maybe because in the past years I have gotten depressed around this time of year and I have made up my mind that I am specifically not going to have that happen now, but look forward to it with a new found curiosity. It will be a time to walk around downtown and sit on the café terraces and watch the people go by and take pictures with my new camera in the chill of the afternoon sun.

You see how I have this all planned and I can actually envision myself doing this in my mind. I do need to pump up my bicycle tires before I go and do that. Remember the last time I tried that? Lesson well learned. Those cobblestones downtown are hard on your tires and push out the air with every bump.

Well, now it's time too have something to eat, because it is that time of day and it is inevitable that I eat, it is a stumbling block in the proceedings, that hunger feeling. I would rather not have it at all, but I suppose I would forget to eat all together and become a little skeleton woman. Ha, that will be the day!

Have a super one, everybody. I think it's raining in Greece.



aims said...

I like your new hair too Irene.

That is wonderful that peeking at your bank account turned out to be so good. What was in the package? Anything special?

And - now I'm wondering what you thought Cid looked like. Did you forget that I had said he looked like Andrea Bocelli?

Frances said...

I know that disorientated feeling when you first wake up.
But a good day today. You are sounding balanced and happy and enjoying life. Glad you are looking forward to autumn and not dreading it this year.
Yay Irene!
Looking forward to hearing how the sheepskin is enjoyed by Uber

Bev said...

LOL The Twilight Zone

Glad you got your wrinkle sorted LOL

I know the feeling of getting a large amount of money coming up at the cashpoint from the Tax Office. It happened to me once and I thought my employer had put an extra nought on my wages by mistake, or that maybe I had a secret benefactor lol

Maggie May said...

A real nip in the air here too, Irene.
Positively chilly here in the bedroom.
Keep smiling. G/nite X

Grit said...

you are right irene, about there always being a solution. we just have to be imaginative enough to think of it and then brave enough to do it.

Milo said...

oh! i have always loved spending! enjoy!

The Writer said...

Awe, CONGRATULATIONS on the bank account! I swear we all have guardian angels that don't give up on us, even when we do. Always amazes me.

Anyway, I hope the rest of your Tuesday went well.

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Wisewebwoman said...

Just shows us once again, Irene, that worry is completely unnecessary, we are always taken care of.
Here autumn sneaks in around the cracks of clothes and house and I have a toasty fire going and I will be out soon with my dog, savouring the fall scent. Much like you ;^)

Bev said...

Hope you are OK as there was no posting yesterday, which was unusual.