Friday, September 26, 2008

An Award.

Diane Clancy has decided with her whole kind heart and everything, to give me an award for which I am very grateful. It has been a while since I have gotten one, because at one point I decided that I did not want to get them anymore, but I have changed my mind recently and become greedy again. I am undecided if I should display the awards that I have gotten so far in my sidebar, or if I should show an award once and leave it at that. It's a decision I'll have to make some day. Anyway, here is the award:
Now comes the hard part, I have to give this reward to seven other people and list them here and link to their blogs also and leave them a message on their blogs. This is where it all gets very tricky you see. Try to think of only seven people I would give this award to is hard, so today, I am going for some unusual choices, people you may not have heard of before.

Here they are in no particular order and I am not going to mention the individual's name, as it is not always known to me. The blogs I am giving this award to are:
A round of applause for them and for me for getting that part done. Now all I have left to do is go to their blogs and leave them a comment.

Oh boy, I think I am finally recuperated from installing Ubuntu and I am trying to figure out if it was all worth it. I think I will give it a week of working exclusively with it and then decide if I like it or Windows better. I think I have to get used to the way Ubuntu works. It is so simple and bare and not at all cluttered with things the way Windows is. I feel like I am missing things that I should keep looking for.

I think that for my photographs download I will keep going to Windows, unless the Exfactor comes up with a solution like he said he would. He was here yesterday to take a look at it all and to bring me a very small pair of plyers to repair my necklaces with, some of which had started to fall apart. Luckily, all of them while I was at home.

I slept a lot during the day, on the sofa and the Überhund was mighty confused. He does however sleep on his sheepskin rug and shares it happily with the cats, because there is enough room for everybody. It was a brilliant idea to put it under the coffee table, if I say so myself. I think he feels safe there and it is close to where I sit usually.

I have been wearing my high tops almost nonstop, because they are so comfortable and the next time I am in that store, I must look to see if they have another pair in my size, which they didn't when I got these. It would be good to have a spare pair around in case I wear these out quickly. I think they are cool enough to wear a lot and to safe my boots for when I really get gussied up.

Today I am expecting my last expenditure, a gray long sleeved tunic that is a size 44 and that will hopefully stop my spending spree for now. Unless I find many cheap things at the second hand clothing store. Anything is possible.

Today I must go to the tobacco shop and I really should go grocery shopping, but if I don't make it today, I can go tomorrow. It all depends on when the package gets here.

We are having some sunny days here. Not quite summery, but pleasant nevertheless. In the mornings it is cold, but when the sun gains in strength, it get positively warm. I thought I had lost that jasmine that I had transplanted to the pot out front, but there are some new little leaves on it, so I am hopeful that it will be okay by another few weeks. It is winter blooming jasmine, so it should be showing some growth this time of the year.

The poor cats have run out of Perfect Fit to eat and now have to eat ordinary Felix cat food and they don't like it. They have distinguished taste. They have been spoiled by me to think only the best is good for them and they are right. No food additives and no food coloring and other junk. Gandhi is my case in point, the less she barfs, the better the food.

Well, except for the awards, this has not been a very exciting post, but I can't always be such a sharp and witty humorist. Sometimes, I am just plain dull.

Have a good day people, I think I will yet have a nap or two in me.



Wisewebwoman said...

thank you, sweet Irene:
I am very touched.

aims said...

Your ability to look at a challenge and attack and surmount it astounds me.

Where's the weak little Irene who needed her hand held and her nose wiped? Where's the Irene who would rather sleep or stare into space and smoke? Where is that Irene?

She's gone. Vanished. Gone the way of the wind......


Her Bad Mother said...

Thank you SO MUCH. This warms my poor tired heart.

Wish that I could nap like a cat... sigh...

Nora Bee said...

Wow! What a treat. Thank you for the award, Irene. I'm honored.

And, the weather is very similar in Seattle, and I have been on a similar shopping spree...I do it every fall...

VioletSky said...

A woman who naps more than myself - you are an inspiration of how to enjoy a calming day.

Congrats on your award - nice isn't it?

Mike Golch said...

congrats on the award. Like the new look.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your award, well deserved. I will enjoy exploring the blogs of the people you named.

Thank you for your advice on Hannah. It makes the most sense to me. Plus, you support means a great deal.

Take care my friend.

Maggie May said...

Hi, irene...... Glad you are filling your days with interesting things to do.
Like the sound of the sleeping quarters for the dog & cats. If you put another sheep skin on top of the coffee table, they would have bunk beds!
Looking forward to some photos.
The weather here has been very cool mornings & evenings, but gloriously sunny and warm during the middle of the day hours. About time!
Have a good day, whatever you decide to do.X

Bev said...

Like the Uberhound I have just got a new sheepskin (coat) and have needed to use it because it is getting quite cold here. It hasn't been quite as cold here for quite a few years so maybe will we will be in for a cold winter. But we are still getting sunny days better than summer, really. Not exactly an Indian Summer, but nice to see a bit of sun.

The Writer said...

Hi Irene,

Thank you so much for the award! How do I pick it up? And while I'm asking questions, how did you get your stat counter to work on this site. I tried it but mine wouldn't work.

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Anonymous said...

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