Saturday, December 29, 2012

A path of roses.

These weeks, I am living life like God  in France as we say in the Netherlands, meaning that it is very good and that I luxuriate in it. I will make sure that the time I have remaining here is spent in the best possible way so that I can look back on it with complete satisfaction. I don't think that is too much of a difficult thing to do because it happens as if by itself. I am in good company in a very good place.and all good things come naturally. 

I am so impressed with Houston and it is not at all what you would maybe expect a Texan city to be. It is very cosmopolitan and international and you see all sorts of people all over the place. I am so pleased with this America that I had not experienced for twenty years. It has very much changed and become a very dynamic and  modern place where even I can learn a lot. A whole new generation has stood up and made its voice heard. 

I am very happy for the experience because now when I think of Americans, my picture of them will be different and much more up to date and realistic and I will think of most of them with a lot of affection and understanding. 

My ex will be coming to stay with me in Maastricht in May for an extended time. He is planning on bringing his touring bike so he will be able to make long trips in the surrounding countryside. Since we for the most part get along so well, his staying with me should not be a problem and I am looking forward to it. 

My trips to Houston will become a regular event and I will always have them to look forward to. They will add a lot of interest to my ordinary life and add a lot of variety. Now that I know what to expect, I will be well prepared each time and become a routine traveler. I will also now how to pack my suitcase well and what presents to bring. This first time was really a trial run. 

We went into a store yesterday where they had the most adorable clothes and household accessories which were exclusively made for their brand. I fell in love with a lot of it and wanted to take many things home with even if that was impractical but even their sale items were not affordable. Darn, and they knew they had a niche in the market.  It was a frustrating experience and I obviously was too poor to shop there although I looked the part and like I belonged there. 

Looks can be very deceiving, but that is half the fun of it. 


Anonymous said...

It's funny: I've never been to Texas, nor was it ever high on my wish-list of places to visit. But I work with a woman whose daughter is at university in San Antonio, so she goes down a couple of times each year and has gotten to quite like the place. And now your glowing reviews of Houston are adding to all her good stories - I'm thinking that I might have to get myself down there to have a look! It's not THAT far from Vancouver at all ...

Connie Rose said...

Well, re: the so-called changed America, remember that you're in Houston, the fastest-growing city in the entire U.S. Much of the country is still very far behind the times, way behind Europe on any scale that really matters (education, healthcare, et al).
So, re: your ex visiting you, are you NOT moving back home again after all? Not that it matters to me, as long as you're happy, especially the "new" you!
Enjoy the rest of your vacation, and Happy New Year! xoxo

Wisewebwoman said...

I always imagine Houston filled with women with huge blonde hair drawling about plastic surgery.
Awful, I know.
So glad you are having a different and more enlightened experience.