Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Texas Morning.

This morning I am going to take a yoga class taught by my daughter because beside being an attorney, she is also a certified yoga teacher. It is a class where beginners are welcome too so I should feel right at home, although I have done yoga in the past. I do not not know how supple and bendable I am anymore and it is all going to be a big surprise I will try not to embarrass her too much.

For those of you who were wondering - my name is pronounced "Ee-ray-nuh" the Dutch way. That is not that hard  is it? You are actually supposed to roll the "r" but a half way effort  is much appreciated. I do so like being addressed this way.

We went out for dinner last night and I had about half of a very nicely grilled filet of beef. That was almost more than my gastric band could handle but I appreciated the taste of it oh so much. It had been ages since I had one of them. I had roasted rosemary potatoes to go with it and spinach. All of us had more food than we could handle and we took it home in doggie bags which is a good American custom. 

I even had a glass of the Sauvignon Blanc house wine and it agreed amazingly well with me and did not make me stand on my head but made me mellow out sufficiently.

We are trying these two weeks to keep me on a gluten and lactose free diet. My daughter thinks that is the problem and she could be very right. I am also taking pro-biotics to keep the flora in my intestines healthy. I have increased my stomach tablets to one twice a day and that is helping a lot. If I follow this diet very strictly, I should be doing much better soon.

We are going Christmas shopping later today because neither my daughter nor my ex are done with it. I suppose they get a thrill out of waiting till the last minute. It does men that I can have some influence hopefully on what they get for me. Ha ha! 


Gail said...

sounds like you are having a marvelous time, enjoy

VioletSky said...

Anyone who is an attorney AND a yoga instructor must be an interesting person!!
Shopping and eating... sounds like a great Texas tradition :)

Anonymous said...

Good to know that I was actually pronouncing your name correctly in my head! ;) You sound like you're having a wonderful time with your family so far - what a great Christmas present to yourself!

Rob-bear said...

Glad you're safely arrived in the US of A (or is it US of eh?).

Sounds like you and your daughter are having a delightful time. I hope that continues.

Merry Christmas to all of you.