Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The transformation.

Today will be the last day that I smoke and I have been very consciously aware of this day coming up for a week and looking forward to it. I think I am more than ready to quit this addiction and can not wait for my hypno-therapy session tomorrow morning. I will smoke my last cigarette before I go to sleep tonight and fill a plastic bag with the remains of the tobacco and filter tubes. For good measure, I am also going to toss in the little gadget that helps me make the cigarettes because I will not be needing it anymore. 

I will be airing out the apartment immediately by opening all the windows during the night and getting as warm as possible under the duvet in the cold air. Of course that will be after I have cleaned all the ashtrays and put them away. I have thought all of this through and am mentally well prepared. I have made the announcement that I am going to quit smoking with the help of hupno-therapy to whoever wanted to hear it so I am completely committed. If I fail to do this now, it will look very bad for me. 

The new winter coat I ordered was delivered yesterday evening and it turned out to be a very fashionable one which should not have surprised me considering the brand it is. It is actually kind of sexy, if winter coats can be that, and it looks quite alluring when I wear it with my jeggings and my ankle boots with high heels. I had not really counted on that look but I am quite pleased with it and I think it will be perfect to wear when I am in Texas where it will be autumn like weather while I am there. 

 For a minute or so I panicked because I thought there were no pockets in it and I just could not imagine that and started to think that I would have to send the coat back. Then I discovered them well hidden with zippers on them but big enough to keep all sorts of stuff in. I guess a fashionably made coat has hidden pockets so as to not spoil the design. 

I am more than ready to go to Texas but I suppose I will use the time that is remaining before I go to take care of the last minute details. However, there really is not that much left to do because I am very organized and have taken care of most of the things I had to do.

I ordered two books that I want to read on the airplane. They are by a Flemish writer who just won the Dutch Art of Letters Award that was awarded by the queen. He is a writer and a poet and a journalist and I have a book of poetry and a diary. that should be interesting to read. I, in my ignorance, had never heard of him so this is going to be a whole new experience for me that I am looking forward to. His name is Leonard Nolens. 

I have to go see my contact person at Social Services this morning and let him know the state of affairs of my life and if I am still deserving of my monthly allowance or if I should be having a full time job by now. Considering the jobless rate fro people over 55 and age driscimination, which is rampant, this would make for an interesting situation. Wish me luck.


Rudee said...

Oh, good luck! You're going to be a whole new woman!

Wisewebwoman said...

You have my wholehearted support and admiration and I sure hope you will be blogging from Texas too!
I will check out the author.

Gail said...

I wish you luck and fun holidays.