Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting the day started.

I am sitting here early in the morning trying to think of the things I have to do in the week remaining before I leave for Texas to see my daughter. Of course, during that week, life goes on as usual and I will have to go grocery shopping because the animals and I will have to eat. I will do that first thing this morning as soon as the store opens. I have already made a list of the most necassary things and I also have to make sure there is some food in the apartment when I return from my trip. 

I am getting ready to start packing my suitcase to find out how many clothes I can actually fit into it. My daughter told me to pack for all sorts of temperatures because apparently they can be unpredictable at this time of year. I have to pack for hot and cold weather. I better not wait until the last minute before I start making my choices in case I start running out of room. Crucial choices may have to be made. I do want to look like a picture of fashion while I am there. 

I am having a delicious cup of coffee and am glad for the cafeine because it is making me feel quite perky which is just what I needed this morning. I have lots of plans for today because I also want to try and get an  appointment with the hairdresser to get a  minimal haircut so my hair will look decent. I do want to look at my possible best and make a good impression when I get off the plane. First impressions count the most, after all. 

I enjoy being busy and having all these little things to do to keep me occupied so I will not have time to get nervous about the trip and why should I after all? I am sure the plane is not going to fall out of the sky. It is still the safest way to travel. It is the horrendous long time that you have to sit in the plane until you get to your destination that is the most bothersome and I do hope they show a good movie or two on board. I also have my two new books to keep me from getting bored and a miracle may happen and I may sleep some. 

I am full of optimism anyway that all will go as planned and that there will not be any hitches in the system. Attitude counts for a lot and you always have to assume the best and that your suitcase will arrive at the same place where you are.


Carole said...

What happened to your header? Have a great trip

Rob-bear said...

All that's necessary to get the day started is a plan and a cup of coffee. You just proved it, again.

I do hope you have a good time in the US of A.

And that "Christmas tree green" banner is interesting, but not as extravagant as some you have had. No matter, you can edit that when you're ready.