Tuesday, December 04, 2012

That is also worth shining your light on.

Winter has truly arrived and yesterday it snowed for a long time although it did not stay on the ground. I was glad about that because that would have meant ice and a slippery sidewalk to walk on and boots with profiled soles to wear and those are not at all fashionable. Yes, I am vain. 

The snow did stay on the ground in the hills and my personal helper, who lives there, took the bus into town because she does not trust her her station car to take her safely up and down the windy roads. She arrived here dressed as if she was ready for a polar expedition.

I do have to say that I get very cold also and I have come to the conclusion that my winter coat is not at all warm enough because I shiver in it. I think this is due to the fact that I am so skinny now and have no fat on my bones to insulate me. 

Keeping this in mind, I went on line to look for winter coats on sale and found one of a brand of clothing that I like very much and ordered it and it will be here tonight. I hope this coat is a lot warmer and that I ordered the right size. The drawback is that it has no hood to pull over my head when it snows or rains.

I will have to go out and buy a fashionable hat now anyway to keep my head protected and one that does not easily get blown off. I have a snow hat but I do not like to wear it because it ruins my hairdo. I will only wear it in the most dire of circumstances. 

I had an enormous appetite for dinner last night and made extra food and found out that I can eat lots of green beans which I like a lot. After I had three plates of food, I discovered I had room for more and had a banana and a tall glass of fruit juice. I can only assume that my metabolism is back to normal because this is how I have eaten most of my life and never gained weight with.

In a previous life, I went out to restaurants a lot at any time of the day and never worried about what I ordered from the menu. I had whatever meal I wanted and did not count calories. However, I never ordered dessert and I never ate between meals. I never ate cookies or chocolate or any other kind of junkfood. 

I think I am still sleepy enough to go back to bed for a while. Today is not going to be an awfully exciting day. It will be what I make of it myself. I am in charge of it.

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Wisewebwoman said...

Our snow vanished completely so now we have warmth again which I love because of the fogs.
Lucky you not gaining weight. I only have to look at a chocolate bar.