Saturday, December 08, 2012

That's what the touble is!

I seem to be doing a bit better tonight compared to yesterday but I think that part of the problem is the sleeping pill I take before I go to bed at night. I think it is a little bit too strong and it may be a good idea to start cutting down on it. When I wake up from it, I am very much under the influence of it but I mean more so now that I don't smoke anymore. I will have to call my psychiatrist on Monday to get the lower dose capsule. He will be glad about that anyway because he thinks the less medicine, the better, especially the kind like sleep medication which is addictive. 

The Thought Field Exercises are helping me very much get through the slightly tougher moments, although I have to say that those aren't really all that bad. I only had a really bad moment when the Exfactor was here yesterday and he got on my nerves. At that point the craving for a cigarette became big but I managed to suppress it amd do my exercises after he had left and I also took Tyke for a walk and that normalized me very quickly again. 

After that I busied myself with making dinner and that took enough of my time to get my mind on something else all together. I fixed some fish to see if quiting smoking had improved the state of my stomach but I am afraid that it has not. Tyke appreciated the fish very much, though, and ate at least half of it. I ate enough of it to know I should not. but I can eat lots of potatoes and vegetables and also had bananas and rhubarb compote. Oh yum!

Drinking coffee is much less interesting when you do not smoke and only very briefly serves a function. It is to wake you up a bit but that is where its usefulness ends. Well, coffee and cugarettes do go together, I suppose, and if you take one of these away, the other one doesn't have much reason to keep existng in your life either. One mug is really more then enough to get the show on the road. I do not need multiples of it now anymore.

Yes, I always say these things with much conviction until I do not manage anymore and need to adjust my life style again. And I will be able to justify that as much as well and make it sound perfectly rational and resoanable. 

Do not let me get away with it this time!


Rudee said...

Your resolve is very impressive. Keep fighting! I think you're winning this particular battle.

Wisewebwoman said...

hang in there, i promise you it gets better~


Rob-bear said...

Well done on the not smoking! Sorry about the fish upsetting your stomach. And the sleeping pills; they can be a bit overwhelming.

Glad to hear you are making progress in several ways.

Blessings and Bear hugs (from the Bear who's hibernating).