Monday, December 03, 2012

What does not hurt you.

It has pretty much been a lazy weekend but for some reason it did go by quickly and I was never bored. I rediscovered some of my old CDs and listened to them and was both amused and impressed by what I used to think was great music. Of course this stuff is ancient because I hardly have bought anything new in a long time. I did forget how much I like Johnny Cash and am planning on getting more of his CDs and will try to make them recordings of live concerts because I think those are the most exciting. He did have such a nice voice and rapport with the audience. The music of Johnny Cash has been around as long as I can remember. 

There was speed skating on and I was a bit more excited about it this time because I have got to know the skaters a bit better and now have expectations and can actually start rooting for them. I even enjoyed watching the 10 K which is an awfully long race but there is a new generation of young skaters that is doing amazing things and needs to be kept an eye on. 

Of course, the most exciting thing that was on was the program showing the highllghts of the honor's division football games and that is a very exciting battle also with several teams fighting for first place and things changing all the time depending on games played and lost and won.

I had thought about taking Tyke for a long walk on Sunday but it was actually too cold to do so. There was a strong wind blowing and it was best to stay sheltered by buildings as much as possible. Maybe I do not have a warm enough winter coat. I will find that out when it gets even colder. There was snow in the hills but we did not get any down here yet much to my relief. It was the first snow of the season in the country and news worthy. It made me feel extra cold just to watch it being reported on the news but I do not have any fat on my body to keep me warm. 

I am more than ready for the coming week and all that it will bring. I will move into it with grace and serenity and be prepared to do whatever I need to do. I am ready for the challenge. I am also ready for another jar of rhubarb compote.

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