Monday, December 31, 2012

The last day of the old year.

This year seems to have gone by awfully quick but I know it does not seem that way just to me. I know it seems that way to most everybody because I hear it all around me. Maybe we have been caught in a time warp and the days and nights are actually going by much faster than they did before. Maybe it is a sign of these modern times and it has nothing to do with getting older and having life pass you by quicker.

 I do wonder if my parents experienced this and I am sorry that I can not ask them this now because what a source of information they would have been. I better make sure I stick around for a long enough time for my daughter to ask me when she is curious enough to.

Yesterday, my ex and I went to Ikea while our daughter spent her time on the sofa wrapped up in a scarf and a blanket trying to get over her cold. She has a nasty cough and is quite congested but she does take good care of herself. She does not need me to hover over her. She is very self sufficient.

Is it not wonderful how you can have the same shopping experience all over the world and all that changes is the language that is spoken there? Actually, I do think there were a few items in the store that may not have been available in the Ikea that is closest to me because local tastes do differ.

I bought some variegated, gray blankets that I will be able to put on the sofa and the armchair at home so that Tyke and Gandhi can lie on them and be comfortable and snug. They will not get soiled quickly and will be easy to wash. My daughter has them for her animals and they have turned out to be very handy to have. The animals know their spot to lie down on and the furniture is saved from wear and tear. 

Yesterday, I also had a cheeseburger and fries from McDonald's and, although it did not agree with my stomach, it was a fun experience for old time's sake.I do not have to have that again now for another twenty years because I am completely over my longing for it. 

I do not know what we are going to do tonight to ring out the old year. I know we have a bottle of champagne in the pantry so I suppose we will pop the cork on it. I am only here for a few more days so we will have to make the most of it and start the new year off right. At least I am saved from the barrage of fireworks that go off at midnight at home and last for an hour so that you can not go to sleep. It will be a lot more quiet here. 

I want to wish you all the best for the year 2013 and I hope that all your wishes for it come true.I am looking forward to it very much and have high hopes. I think it will be a good year because I learned an awful lot this one. 


Naperville Now said...

Wishing you a happy, healthy 2013. Safe travels (to Ikea and beyond :))

Wisewebwoman said...

May it continue to be charmed and lovely!