Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to take care of that!

The sun is shining outside although it is definitely a bit chilly. Last night a cold front moved in with high winds that whipped the trees around. There is no need to turn the air conditioning on now and we will be wearing our winter clothes. The weather changes quickly here in Houston and it goes from hot to cold in no time. 

I am grateful for the sunshine and the blue sky and I do not care much about the outside temperature as long as the wind does not blow hard. I packed clothes for any kind of weather so I am well prepared.

We had a wonderful lazy day yesterday and it was the best day I have had here yet. It was the best way to celebrate Christmas and I could spend the rest of my stay here the same way. We enjoyed each other's company and were not bored for one minute. 

We went out for our Christmas dinner to a very nice Asian restaurant where the prices of the dishes were not on the menu. That just left you with the option to pick out the thing that you really wanted. Luckily there was a wide variety of food and even for me with food intolerances there was enough to safely choose from. I had spicy grilled salmon with thinly sliced vegetables and it only bothered me afterwards for a tiny bit. 

I opted not to drink any wine but to stick with ice water and I think that was a wise choice. I was in a much better mood for the rest of the evening. Drinking a glass of wine here is a very expensive business, by the way, but then again, going out for a meal is anyway. 

I ate a whole box of chocolates. My daughter said that I could eat it if I wanted to and because I had not had chocolate in a very long time, I thought I would eat one or two every once in a while. The first time I ate five of them before bedtime and they did not disagree with me at all. The next day I ate the rest of them all in one sitting and felt very happy for the rest of the afternoon. There must be a happiness ingredient in them. I rarely tasted anything so good. 

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas of your own in whatever way you celebrated it. I am ever so grateful that I did not have to spend this time on my own. It is an experience worth repeating.


Rudee said...

I recall the year my sister's pipes froze and burst in Houston on a holiday. They weren't prepared for the degree of cold they got that year! It can be very cold.

I'm glad you had a nice day!

Gail said...

And the wonderful holiday gets better...chocolate!!!

You may never want to leave.

Jen Daiker said...

Chocolate for the holidays is marvelous! I'm not always a fan but there are just some times of year where chocolate becomes a necessity! This was one of them!

Great blog!

Wisewebwoman said...

Peace and goodwill, no better way to spend a holiday with loved ones!