Friday, December 28, 2012

When you get spoiled.

For my Christmas present, I asked my daughter for a pedicure because my feet had been the most neglected parts of my body. I had a lot of callouses and one in particular under the ball of my left foot that hurt when I walked on it. I had suffered with it for quite a while and grinned and bore it. It was a case of me being stubborn and ignoring the pain and becoming used to it as being part of my daily life, which is silly, of course.

My daughter made an appointment with what she said was the best place in town for this sort of thing, and she knows best, and yesterday morning we went there full of anticipation, At least, I was because my daughter had many pedicures and manicures there before. 

When we got there, the first thing I got to do was pick out the nail polish I wanted my toe nails painted with and of course I picked out the brightest red I could find because I wanted my toes to be happy and bright and a surprise for all to behold and was told I could take the nail polish home with me.

The actual treatment involved hot whirlpools with scented water, hot wraps with heated towels, massages with scented creams, a complete do over of my toenails that was very thorough, and the complete removal of all of my callouses which took quite a bit of elbow grease.

My feet and toes haven't felt and looked so good since I was in diapers and, except for the nail polish, I have virgin feet  and am pain free for the first time in a long while. I will tell you that this was an experience worth repeating and I can highly recommend it to anyone. If you want to be pampered and feel really great, then this is the way to do it. Oh yes, while this was going on, I sat in a massage chair which added to the comfort. 

Afterwards, we went out for lunch in a funky Indian restaurant where only the "hippest" people eat and had some authentic food that was somewhat adapted to the American palate. By this time, I was having low blood sugar and just about to keel over because I had had a breakfast of mango lemonade and fruit. I was just a bit spaced out and having trouble following the conversation. After having the grilled fish and spicy french fries, I was in much better shape and cup of coffee really put me back into the picture.

We are supposed to go see the film "les Miserables"  tonight. I saw the original musical in San Francisco and it was a delightful onslaught of action and color and sound and I will never forget it. I saw the trailer of the film and I think it will be very good. Hopefully it will live up to our high expectations. Yes, we do have to take care of our cultural needs as well. We haven't been to a museum yet like we had planned. There are not enough hours in the day. 


Gail said...

Okay, it's official. You should stay longer!

VioletSky said...

Pedicures are wonderful!!
i also used to resist getting them, but have become a recent convert - though I have never experienced on that was quite as luxurious as the one you were given!

I have not seen the movie version of Les Miserables - it has gotten such mixed reviews though, that it deserves my own opinion, I think. I, too, loved the stage version when I saw it many, many years ago.