Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Sunday Post.

The coffee tastes especially good this morning and the cafeine has set my head straight after initially waking up kind of befuddled. Tyke had to go out back first thing and standing by the open back door, I let the cold morning air wash over me to help wake me up. That is not a bad thing to do as long as I am wearing my bathrobe. 

A pot of coffee was quickly made and I drank a tall glass of lemon water to quench my thirst while I was waiting for it to get done. This doesn't help wake me up but it is a very pleasant experience drinking it so ice cold and the lemon flavor is just strong enough to please my taste buds. I think I am hooked on it after having to give up milk and I could actually drink liters of it. 

After not wearing my amethyst jewelry for a while I have put the necklace, the ring and the bracelet back on in the belief that it will help me gain some extra peace and quiet and good luck.This may be a superstition and a lot of wishful thinking on my part but I think I do not want to tempt fate and want to gain as much of an advantage as I can. 

I had been wearing some red coral jewelry and, although it was very pretty, I had a feeling that it was not doing a thing for me in the sense of gaining extra peacefulness. Now that I am wearing the amethyst jewelry, I imagine that I feel the energy of the stones passing through my body and my psyche making all sorts of good things happen. Yes, I know, this is the one absurdity that I allow myself and I do think it works. 

I am going to do a final load of laundry today and whatever gets soiled after that will just have to wait until I get back even though doing laundry is almost like a hobby to me. I do want to leave the apartment clean and picked up when I leave so I will not come back to things left undone and needing to be taken care of in a hurry. There will be enough mail to see to. 

The quiet of the early morning reigns here and only the humming of the refrigerator breaks the silence. As is typical for a Sunday, the whole neighborhood is still asleep but it is time for me to get the day started.


Wisewebwoman said...

Sounds so lovely and peaceful, when do you leave? You must be so excited. How long are you gone?

I know. Questions. Last thing you need!


Naperville Now said...

relishing a trip...beautifully captured.