Thursday, February 20, 2014

Upwardly mobile...

My knee was fine until I hurriedly had to get out of the way of a bicyclist who was riding her bike on the sidewalk yesterday when I was walking Tyke. I made the wrong move and snapped at her when she made her apologies. Well really, what good did that do me? Because of the time of day, I was suddenly surrounded by all sorts of bicyclists who were riding their bikes on the sidewalk, trying to avoid the busy traffic in the street. Don't they know that is asking for trouble when somebody is walking her dog? There is a bike lane on either side of the street after all. This is about pure laziness.
Anyway, now my knee hurts and the rest of me was already hurting because of my fibromyalgia, and that got worse because I had to pull Tyke out of the way suddenly a couple of times. I became grouchy because of that. I think people are not always so every thoughtful and don't realize the discomfort they inflict on others. All I want to do, is walk down the sidewalk quietly and undisturbed. This is me ranting about something that always bothers me. I know you can't help it either. 
End of rant.
I am happy because it is nearly the weekend and because I have survived another week. This one has been especially interesting because my new friend is hypomanic (if not manic) and I have been looking after her. It has been quite an experience to see this process take place in someone else and be witness to it, and I now realize what patience people must have with me when I am hypomanic. I think fate puts people on your path to learn something from, and now I am learning a big lesson. I see the drama take place and the lack of control and the "craziness." I know they are all part of the illness and that as soon as the increase of medicines kicks in, they will all be part of the past. It is waiting for that moment to happen that you have to have the patience and endurance for.
I have to keep in mind that this is a learning experience and try to get out of it what I can while at the same time look after her as well as I can. I also realize that I can't take on too much responsibility. I am a new person in her life and can't solve all the problems. There have to be other people who in the past have dealt with this before. Or maybe they have all given up and jumped ship.
I will get wiser from this and not hypomanic myself.  


Rob-bear said...

Well, you have had an "interesting" week, haven't you, Irene. I'm sorry bout your "bike accident," but glad you've made it almost to the weekend!

And, yes, you've had a very interesting lesson in "craziness." It is, indeed, a he exercise in patience and care.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh drat! How vexing to get hurt because of someone else's stupidity.