Thursday, February 20, 2014

A mighty while later...

If it weren't for Tyke waking me up, I would sleep a lot longer at night than I do, and once he does wake me up, I don't know what he wants from me except my company. He always acts as if he has something very urgent on his mind when he wakes me up, but usually there is nothing I can do for him at all except be there. It seems kind of a shame to be woken up for no reason at all and that is why I have stopped taking my sleeping pill first thing when I go to bed. I fall sound asleep anyway, so it makes no difference, and I don't want to take it if there is no need for it. I take half the usual dose when I go to bed for the second time and plan to get off it completely because I think I don't need it anymore. I don't want to take it anymore anyway.
Tyke is now sound asleep beside me and he doesn't seem to have one worry on his mind. He asserted himself over Gandhi for a bit, and looked at the kibbles in his bowl, and decided then that those were enough activities for the night.
I have increased by the smallest dose possible the amount of antidepressants that I take, although my psychiatrist and I could not agree on this. It is a decision that I made after I felt long enough that I was not animated enough and close to being depressed. I didn't like how difficult it was to motivate myself to take care of things that had to be done. I started taking the extra dose four days ago and it is a bit early to tell if it is making a difference. I think I will be able to tell in another few days and I will really notice the difference after two weeks, at which point I will inform my psychiatrist. I don't want to tell him sooner in case he decides to discourage me. I do have the final say in this.
I realized that I should be eating healthier than I am at the moment and will be returning to a strictly vegan diet after drifting away from that a bit. The shopping list that I made for tomorrow reflects that and there is soy yogurt on it and nuts and dried berries. I have also got to order some super foods and food supplements that I have chosen especially for my needs. They include chia and hemp seeds. I have got to watch my cholesterol, I think, and eat very smart again from now on. I have had too many fatty foods. I also want to get some of the purest, rawest chocolate possible because it is good for you too. And isn't that a nice surprise?
So you see, I am full of good intentions, but I plan to stick to them because I plan to grow old very healthily. I want to live a long time, but I want to do that in the best possible way or not at all.

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Gail said...

Tyke wants to be close to the one he loves.