Monday, February 03, 2014

Is it any good?

Sometimes in the afternoon, I start writing a blog post which I save and close before I have finished it. I write it in order to have something to do after I have taken my afternoon nap and I am waiting for it to be dinnertime. Later at night, like right now, I go have a look at that post and find out it is nothing but drivel and happily delete it, even when I am asked if I really want to do that. Yes, I really do. I especially feel that way when I have already had a couple of hours of sleep at night during which my brain has been reset and I feel completely different about matters.
Whatever my opinions and arguments were before, now hang by a gossamer thread that is easily shredded and would not hold up in a court of law. Apparently, in the late afternoon I am in need of a square meal and my brain needs the many carbohydrates and the proteins it will provide and I can't be counted on to write a blog post built on solidly grounded arguments before I have ingested them.
How is that for a theory? It sounds like a solid one to me and I like the way I reasoned my way through it. At the same time, I have a good excuse to eat that square meal because it is good for how my brain functions in the positive sense, and when it comes to my mental well being, I am willing to make any sacrifice. Even if it means getting a bit chubby and having love handles as my first husband used to so lovingly call them. He was and is a man of many diplomatic observations. I wonder why I ever divorced him?
He is going to be here again through June and July and is planning on helping me paint the living room and hallway and he wants to pay for the paint. I think that is very sweet off him, although I have no idea how much of a help I am going to be to him with my fibromyalgia and I am thinking that we ought to hire someone to come and paint it all for us. I will have to get an estimate of how much that will cost. My body already hurts when I think about painting all those walls and the ceilings and I can now feel my hands ache from holding the brushes and the rollers.
This afternoon, I am going to see the orthopedic surgeon to find out what the result is of the MRI scan that was made of my knee. I am not sure if I am going to like being told that I will have to have another surgery since it did me so little good the first time. I would prefer to wear a brace and would like to be fitted for one. I am going to ask for this and really hope that this is also going to be one of his suggestions. Besides, living by myself with a dog and a cat, I can't take the time to recuperate properly from a surgery.

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