Friday, February 14, 2014

The silliness of things...

I got a tablet from my new internet provider and it has a wireless connection, so I can use it while I am comfortably seated in my armchair. It is very addictive and I forget everything around me while I am using it, including remembering to drink my coffee and to pay attention to Tyke. It is only when the battery starts to run low that I get off it and get my mind back to reality. I hope the novelty of this new toy wears off over the next couple of days and that I start to behave more normal again, because I don't really like to be out of touch with the here and now. You can see that, just like a young person, I get hooked on today's technology and can be very selfishly enthralled by it. It's a good thing that my smartphone doesn't work anymore, or I would really be in trouble. I would be playing with it all day long also.
I just remembered that I have a longer cable to charge the battery of the tablet with so I can still sit in my armchair with it while it reloads. What a novel idea! I knew my wicked mind would come up with a solution.
Today is Valentine's Day, but I am not going to hold my breath and expect a Valentine's card in the mail or for a bouquet of flowers to be delivered at the door. Those sort of things are of the past, although I would like a small box of chocolate bonbons to eat my self silly with. Valentine's Day is also not the huge commercial enterprise here that it is in the States in which every generation of the population gets involved. It is very much, if at all, only for people in love. I am sure that the local businesses would like it if it were different, and I am sure that they are doing their best to make it so, because money can be made from this celebration. I am not sure if they have my support in that. There is too much commercialism on the various holidays already.
I found out that the movie theater that I have two free vouchers for is closing on March the 1st, so I have to use them before that time. I have been looking off and on for a good movie to go to, but since it's a commercial theater, there have mostly been blockbusters playing there. Now I do have to get serious about my search. The Exfactor and I want to go on a Wednesday afternoon when it is not too busy, but now I think we will go in the evening if there is no other choice.
I have made a new friend and we have much in common. Her name is Mathilda  and I think she is going to be a very good friend. She lives on the same street as I do, so that is very fortunate, and she is my age too. I will talk more about her at a later point as the friendship develops.


Maggie May said...

Oh that is wonderful. A bit like an iPad?
Have fun with it.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Wisewebwoman said...

I am ridiculously happy that you have made a new friend.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Go see a movie!!!
We don't do Vday at our house. The kids bring cards and little candies to school for classmates, but that's it.