Sunday, February 16, 2014

Interesting times...

I have managed, by hook and by crook, to become coherent. It took a combination of hot coffee and ice cold lemonade to get there, but I am fully awake now and capable of writing a post. I say that so easily, but the proof is in the pudding and we have to see if I can actually pull it off. Writing a post is one thing, but writing an entertaining post is another thing altogether. I think I am only partially successful in that at times.
I must not let myself be defeated ahead of time and go for the gold just like the Dutch speed skaters at the Winter Olympics. I do have to stay in the spirit of things and assume that I can be as successful as they are. Watching them you would think that winning comes naturally to the Dutch. We are stubborn and determined enough to go for the gold and get it too, and if not that, then at least the silver or bronze. But it is funny how we think those are not good enough and beat ourselves up about them. I will do no such thing about this post and just be happy if it is well received.
My new friend, Mathilda, was here yesterday and we had an entertaining time because she is such a talker, which is good because I am such a good listener. She comes with an instruction booklet just like me and hers resembles mine, so it is very familiar. I understand it without her having to explain it in detail. Because she is an artist, she has a website with her art, and she asked me to go have a look because she wants me to pick out something for myself. I visited the website and saw several paintings that I like and hope they are still available so I can choose one of them. I think this is very generous of her.
I had always hoped to meet someone like her and have been waiting for it to happen. I am so grateful that it did.
I still also have my friend Lucienne with whom I am on the phone every day. We don't see each other so often, and I function in her life as sort of a talking post and advisor. I help her get through her rough days of which she has many. It is an unequal friendship in that she gets more out of it than I do, but I let it be, because I play the role of the good Samaritan in it. That does give me some kind of function and I suppose I need that, although I don't seek it out. If she doesn't call me, I won't call her, but that hardly ever happens. She is a needy woman.
I have to make a "selfie" for Facebook. I had told myself that I would attempt that as soon as I was alert enough, which I now am. I've got to fix myself up a bit so I look my best and hope ate least one attempt turns out well. Now doubt it will take many tries.


Rob-bear said...

Glad to hear that you are still writing and in reasonable control of things. You post is wiry lucid and, as always, interesting.

A new friend, who is an artist. That's exciting. And an artist who wants to give you something! That is excellent.

I hope you keep having a good time with your friends.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Z said...

And a lovely selfie it was too, to find on Facebook in the middle of the night. I didn't get to sleep until 4 am, which was a bit disappointing.

My half-Dutch friend Charlotte will be arriving soon for lunch. We're been friends forever - that is, it's a 3rd generation friendship (4th, including her daughter). She's bipolar herself so has to look after her wellbeing, she's great fun and we love her.