Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Make mine lemonade, stirred not shaken.

I was drinking coffee in a desperate attempt to become completely alert after Tyke had woken me up from a deep sleep, but that did not work at all and I sat here behind the computer in a comatose condition. Then I had the brilliant idea that maybe my brain needed some sugar and I drank two glasses of ice cold lemonade and they did the trick. I am fully conscious now and able to put two and two together and maybe even add them up to five. I know some people do that in an abstract way, although the purpose of it is lost on me, taking everything literally as I do. But I do know that I can think straight and not fall into hallucinations anymore, and I think that is a great thing.
I have switched to the less potent anti-inflammatory medication and, although I tell myself that it makes no difference, I do imagine that it works a bit less well. The real test will be when the weather turns wet again like it will after today, and my joints will start to ache. I have decided not to worry about it one bit and see it as an experiment and besides, a bit of pain never killed anyone. It will be something that I will deal with because I am not made of sugar, after all. I have also started wearing a brace around my knee and that gives me lots more stability and less pain. Initially, I had to get used to wearing it, but after I did, it felt great and I wouldn't want to do without it now.
The Exfactor did the grocery shopping for me yesterday because I am still unsure about how well I am going to get around on my bike when it is loaded with bags of groceries. It may be a bit of a problem, but maybe now with this brace on my knee it will be easier. I will have to see how well I peddle my bike at all. It has not been my favorite way to get around, especially not when I have had to go uphill and I have gotten off and walked my bike the rest of the way if I felt I could not make it. I do miss going to the grocery store, although I seldom get anything that is not on the list, so there is nothing much adventurous about it. The exciting part is to stay under the budget.
This morning the new area rug is going to be delivered and the Exfactor is going to come over to help me remove the old one and put the new one in place. We will have to move the coffee table and it is heavy, so I can't do it on my own. The old area rug needs to be moved under the dining table and chairs. Luckily, it was vacuumed well yesterday. I am excited about putting the new one in place and about how it will look. It should be very cheerful because it has a lot of the color red in it. I nearly went broke buying it, and of course it wasn't the wisest decision to make, but I will be happy with it. By buying it, I have thrown caution to the wind and I can't blame it on hypomania, because I was not hypomanic when I ordered it.
It is time for a cup of coffee. I think I am ready for some caffeine now.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ugh on your knee. How frustrating.
ANd I'd be annoyed to not get to move around like usual.
A lavish rug sounds like it's worth the money.

Rob-bear said...

Lemonade and coffee. Sounds like your mixing your drinks. I trust it is an effective way to start your day.

A new carpet will brighten things up a bit. I hope you have no problem moving the two of them.

Blessings and Bear hugs!