Monday, September 13, 2010

The day I quit smoking.

It's now the afternoon of the day I quit smoking and things aren't nearly as bad as I thought they were going to be. I thought I was going to be a nervous wreck by now, tearing out my hair and pacing the floor, searching through the trash for cigarette buds, being emotional and desperate, going to the gas station for a pack of cigarettes and all sorts of other things.

Well, I had all these scenarios in mind, but not the actual one, and that is that I'm pretty calm and only go through cravings sometimes and have a peppermint if I do. That seems to do the job. Every once in a while a sense of panic hits me when I realize that I can't smoke, but I quickly subdue it and tell myself not to be a wuss. There are worse things in life.

I know that if I were to light a cigarette now, I would suffer from a terrible coughing fit and would not enjoy it at all. I would be bent over double from coughing, because I would not be used to smoking anymore. I do realize now that I had a chronic little cough with phlegm all day long and I really need to get rid of that and I'll be happy when I have. It's not healthy and it is my goal to be. I want my lungs to be clean and my bronchi to be in good shape.

I bought the bag of peppermints at the pharmacy. It's a good thing that they sell candy there, because I bought it as an afterthought and it has come in so handy. It really takes care of the mild frustration I feel when I have a craving for a cigarette. When my mouth wants to be occupied.

I find keeping my mind occupied works well too. Reading is a good activity. I've started a new novel. A Virtuous Woman by Kaye Gibbons and I'm reading it quickly, because it's that kind of a book. It reads very easily, but I think maybe I'm better able to read now that I'm not distracted by my smoking. I can pay better attention and not worry about the ashes falling on my book and having to light up another cigarette yet again.

Every once in a while I think, oh, I will light up a cigarette, but then I think, oh no, I will not, and am disappointed for just a split second, but I am immediately relieved again because I don't have to. It's not a compulsion. I can live without it.

The domestic help has been here and cleaned the apartment and I have also liberally sprayed all the rooms with air freshener and opened the windows wide. The ashtrays have been washed and put away. I will not be using them anymore, nor will anyone else, unless they go outside. It's nice to have clean, never to be used again ashtrays. They will be museum pieces soon.

I wonder what smoking does to your psyche while you inhale all those different chemicals that manufacturers put in the tobacco to get you hooked? It must have all sorts of psychological effects on you that happen as a result of the chemical reactions in your brain. It can't help but be a mood altering drug or drugs. I wonder very much how I am going to be feeling over the next weeks and months. I bet I'm going to see an improvement in my mood and my overall mental health. That's something that really motivates me. I want to see how my total health improves.

I remember when I started smoking more than 40 years ago and how tough it was to start and how I really had to fight my body's resistance against the nicotine. For some reason I was determined to smoke and within a very short time I was hooked. I never was hooked on anything else but nicotine, but it bit me good. I'm just as determined to quit now. I should say, to stay quit, because I already have quit.

I'm going to finish reading my book now. I have the feeling that I'll be doing a lot of reading in the near future. Luckily, I have enough books to read. And interesting ones too.

Have a good afternoon!



Lane said...

Well done! I really admire the way you've gone about this.
I remember I drank a lot when I first gave up, lots and lots of herb and fruit teas. And peppermints are great.

Btw, I love the colourful pictures heading your posts recently - particularly the cow a few posts back.

Bev said...

You are doing extremely well. You describe in your first paragraph what I would be doing if I gave up at the moment because I am not in the right frame of mind unlike yourself.

I found chewing gum was good when I have given up in the past.

Twain12 said...

super post....continued good luck

Connie Rose said...

Good for you, I'm proud of you. Just take it one day at a time and you'll make it through to the other side. I love your latest blogger background! xox

Maggie May said...

Love the look of the blog...... a fresh start to go with your sheer determination not to smoke. Well done!
Keep trekking and think of how much wealthier you will be at the end of the year. You could put your tobacco money in a piggy and open it up every month and buy something nice.
You are bound to be healthier in mind and body...... just bound to be.
It has just started pelting down with rain. I don't care about that. I am not going out and it is dark and cosy in the house! Hope you feel cosy too.
Have a good night.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Jean Levert Hood said...

Great for you!!! You can do it, Nora!! I know you can!

Babaloo said...

Oh Hoorray for you and well done on making that step! I'm delighted you're doing well on your first day.

Kim said...

How wonderful!!

Wisewebwoman said...

A lovely clean blog and a lovely clean you!
An hour at a time it can be done and in 3 weeks the physical craving will be gone. Hang in there girl!