Thursday, September 09, 2010

Is that lucky or what?

I did go back to sleep in the middle of the night when I told you that I was maybe going to do all sorts of jobs and I thought was too wide awake to go back to bed. I slept until 7 o'clock and got dressed immediately. I was a little dopey, but a cup of coffee helped me get over that. Coffee always works and always gets my mind up to the proper speed. What would I do without it?

Promptly, at 8 o'clock, a big truck pulled up outside and I locked Tyke in the spare bedroom and went to open up the front door and the outside door. The first thing that was carried in was the new coffee table, which came in a flat pack and which I would have to assemble myself. Then the delivery men started to carry in the sofa, but soon ran into trouble, because the space by the front door in the hallway turned out to be to narrow to let the long sofa in. I had not realized when I ordered it that it was over sized. Those guys tried every trick, but they could not get it inside, so they had to take it back and told me that I would have to order a shorter sofa.

I did that and it turns out that the sofa I ordered now is nicer than the sofa I ordered first. I think this one escaped my attention, because I was not looking for size, but for a three seater. This time I looked for size and got different choices. It will be here next Wednesday and until that time I will have to do without a sofa, but that is really no problem. There are worse things in life.

Then I opened the flat pack and saw what I had to deal with and the fact that there were about 100 screws that needed to be screwed in and I decided that it was not a job for me. I don't have an electric screwdriver. I called the Exfactor and he will be over tomorrow with his and put the coffee table together. I'm ever so grateful and until that time, the flat pack has been closed up again. Tyke lies on top of it with his ball and thinks he's the king of the living room.

I took a break and thought about things and then switched the armchairs around so that the barrel chair, which has comfortable armrests, is by the reading light and I can sit in it when I read my book. That way I don't have to lug a pillow around every time I sit down to read. I've put the extra pillows on my bed with pillow cases on them and they will come in handy when I want to lie down on the sofa, which has low armrests. They should be very good to sleep on.

Then I cleaned up and rearranged the bookcase and made space for more books by getting rid of obsolete things and moving reference books to the bedroom. That went a lot easier and faster than I had anticipated. I still have to move two boxes that are sitting on top of it. I had quite forgotten about them and am running out of space to put things. There's only so much room in the apartment. The bookcase looks much better now and that shows you what a short amount of hard work can do for you. I wasn't even out of breath.

I'm still going to do a load of laundry next and change my bed, so going to sleep tonight will be fun, although it really is every night, but I will wear clean pajamas too. That's something to look forward to. I think you must have these little points of light to aim for in your day every day. The smallest things count. Like having a glass of cold milk and a peanut butter sandwich or getting your mail out of the mailbox and finding a package there that you were expecting. It's all about anticipation and enjoyment.

I'm now going off to enjoy my chores. Have a nice day.



Frances said...

sounding cheerful. Sorry the sofa was too big. That happens a lot here. Many of the 'standard' pieces of furniture are too large to go through front doors or to get round the banisters on upstairs landings. I suppose that is why IKEAs flat pack stuff is so popular here.
I quite enjoy putting flat pack stuff together myself, it's like an absorbing puzzle. Though your coffee table sounds incredibly complicated... you must post some pics for us to see once you have all your new arrangements in place.

Lane said...

I love the sound of all the changes you're making to your room. Just right to start the colder weather with a new 'nest'.

Twain12 said...

what a productive day, i haven't done a thing today besides walking the dogs and taking some pictures lol

Maggie May said...

Sofas can be deceivingly large.I have had this trouble myself but always managed to get it in somehow.
Glad you are changing the design & that you think you have a better one.
You will have to send pictures of the new look!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Babaloo said...

Wow, so many changes! Bet you can't wait until everything is just the way you want it. Sorry that the sofa didn't fit but how lucky that you found an even nicer one!

Gail said...

You are certainly getting all your ducks in a row!

Hope it's catching.

Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, it will be better, this has happened to me too!!!