Sunday, September 12, 2010

Things you lose...

I decided to go one the bathroom scale this morning, after not having gotten on it for quite some time. I expected not to have lost any weight at all, because I had not been trying really to lose any. I had been eating when I was hungry and drinking lots of milk when I was thirsty. Much to my surprise I had lost another 4 kilos, that is 8,8 lbs, and just to make sure, I got on the scale twice. It is very accurate and gave me the exact same weight the second time.

Now I am one kilo away from the weight the Obesitas Specialist said I should aim for, but I think I can lose some more weight. I'm not going to obsessively go on the scale to weigh myself all the time, though. I'll just keep eating and drinking the way I am and go on the scale occasionally, but it certainly is a nice way to start the day. It cheered me up tremendously and I needed cheering up.

I was grumpy and out of sorts when I woke up this morning. I had a runny nose and an irritating cough all night. I must have eaten something at the party that I'm allergic too. I tried all kinds of food, so I don't know what it was. Whatever I thought I could eat easily, I ate, including a wonderful paté and a piece of quiche. Needless to say, I'm itching in all the usual places now.

The party was fine. I had one glass of white wine and one beer. There were some people I knew there, so I was not completely out of my depth. I didn't stay too long and as I was leaving, the DJ was setting up the sound system. It must have gotten quite noisy after that. That was at 10:30 and I thought it was a good time to go. I'm not one for big crowds anyway and it was starting to be a big crowd. At least the weather was nice and a large amount of people were out on the patio.

I rode my bike home through the dark night and was a little bit worried about that and didn't dawdle. Nothing happened, of course, and there's no reason to think that anything would. Not in this neighborhood. It's just the idea of being a woman out there alone on your bike in the late evening. You always feel vulnerable.

Tyke was very happy to see me and got a good belly rub. He had found his lost tennis ball and was trying to keep track of two balls at the same time. It was very funny to watch him do it. One ball in his mouth and the other between his paws and that's how he moved around the living room.

I was pleased to walk into the living room and see the coffee table and the area rug and the new plants in their lime green pots. When I bought those, I had not realized that I already had three other lime green pots, so it was a fortunate purchase, done completely subconsciously. I must have zeroed in on that color in the flower shop without being aware of it.

The colors in the living room are going to be black and dark gray with touches of red and light green. Yellow will be eliminated. There is only one house plant in a yellow pot and I will change that today. The newly washed, yellow, fleece blanket will not be put back, nor will the yellow pillows. I've bought two pillows with lime green covers instead. Yellow will be banished to the bedroom.

It is overcast and dark outside and it's supposed to rain. It sure looks like it will. I don't mind because I'm nice and cozy inside. I will do a few chores and take it easy today. There will be no grand deeds from me. My nose is still runny and I hope that will disappear soon. Of course, smoking doesn't help that either. Tomorrow morning I quit and I'm looking forward to it. It will be a whole new challenge and one I'm cut out for. I'm not daunted by it, although maybe I should be.

Have a great day!



Frances said...

I didn't realise you had set a date for giving up, just presumed you'd already done it! LOL I am slow sometimes!
Good luck with it anyway. Just think of it as not having a cigarette rather than quitting. Much easier.

Bev said...

Glad you enjoyed the party!

I know what you mean about biking in the dark. I have just been offered a job but because it means biking at 5.30 in the morning Mark told me not to take it. It would mean biking past a graveyard and a park so scary. I have biked in the dark in the past though because needs must and you have to get to places.

By the way Frances has posted on 'A Carpet Full of Holes'. I hope you don't mind me telling you this but the more comments she gets the more she will fell like continuing and she is a great blogger like yourself!

Twain12 said...

glad you had a good time....i like the color combination of gray and red, it sounds very nice and big congrats on the weight loss ♥

Gail said...

I am thrilled you had a good time. Several months ago, going would have not been an option for you.

You've come a long way, baby!

I also can't wait to see your new colors.

Maggie May said...

Glad you had a great time at the evening do and that the ride home was safe & free from any incident that might have occurred.
Had to laugh at Tyke & his tennis ball obsession.
Glad about the weight loss that must have been a really pleasant surprise, especially as you weren't particularly trying.
Hope tomorrow goes well for you.
It is a lovely day here!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Bernie said...

Although it has been a long time Nora I remember telling myself "just for now I won't have a cigarette" as I found it overwhelming to think I will never smoke stupid of me. I got rid of any cigarettes just in case the craving was bad. Anyway here I am several years later and still am a non smoker, you can do this Nora.....your living room sounds lovely. Will be thinking of you tomorrow, I will be at my nephews for the week but will have my laptop with me.
Big hugs......:-)