Thursday, November 07, 2013

What I am not...

One thing I am not, and that is hypomanic, but like my psychiatrist says, "whatever that is supposed to mean," because he is not one for using labels. It is maybe one way to quickly describe a state of mind, but it does put you in a box that is very restrictive and may be difficult to get out of. Let's just say that I am not in an excited state of mind and feeling pretty calm and settled. At least I don't have to live up to some description and rules that label my present attitude. It suffices to say that I am. Period.
Yesterday was my daughter's birthday, but when I was at the grocery store, I was so busy sticking to the shopping list, that I didn't think about getting myself a pastry in honor of her birthday. It would have been the perfect excuse to and now I have let that opportunity go to waste. I will have to wait to eat a piece of pie until the first week of December when it is my sister's birthday. I will try to have two pieces then, if she will let me get away with it.
I did make myself an excellent dinner and I am so happy that I can fix whatever I want to eat without having to take anyone else's wishes into account. Although if I did live with someone, I would probably make them eat whatever I wanted to fix, or have them make their own meal. I am the kind of person who, when I like something, can eat it over and over again and never get tired of it. I will improve on the dish and it will evolve, but basically it will stay the same. This is especially true when it agrees with my stomach.
For some reason that I can not fathom myself, I bought two packages of slices of 48+ cheese, not giving one thought to my lactose intolerance until I got home. I simply had a hunkering for toast with cheese and gave into the urge to buy the cheese because it was inexpensive. I now have a dilemma, but I think I will eat the cheese anyway and make sure I don't eat it on days that I have to go to yoga or Tai Chi, because that would be a bit of a problem. Of course, if I ate it on the day before, I would still have a problem. It's an awful thing when I am not thinking straight.

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