Saturday, November 02, 2013

Pure comfort...

This fresh cup of coffee I am having is doing me much good and little by little, I am recuperating from the nap I just woke up from. Telling myself there is no need to be grumpy does not help much and I really need the caffeine to straighten me out. Until that is the case, I can't pay too much attention to my feelings or my general attitude to life or to myself, for that matter. I know enough to ignore those kinds of emotions, but the fact is that I have them anyway and they are very dominating. The time it takes for the coffee to get done seems very long when I feel that way. This struggle to survive happens every afternoon, so I'm becoming very familiar with the process. Nevertheless, it can be quite intimidating.
The grocery shopping was done early this morning almost as soon as the store opened at 8 o'clock. The fact that there were many trolleys available, and that the aisles were nearly empty of shoppers, made it a pleasant and easy experience, and even though I took my time, I was done quickly and breathed a sigh of relief when I heard what the total was at the cash register. I had managed to stay within the budget and packed my groceries up happily when I got to my bike. I had even found the jar of chopped garlic that I had been looking for for months and that I had even asked help with trying to discover. but that no one could point me to. I found it in the Japanese food section quite by accident. It was as if a higher power led me to it.
I fixed my hot lunch with the usual ingredients, except that I added sieved tomatoes this time because I had a package of that left over. I was not sure how my stomach was going to react to that, but it seems that it was no problem. I am growing a bit uncomfortable with putting bacon cubes in with the fresh vegetables, although I find them delicious, but while I eat them, I have to ignore their source.  I have decided that, after this week, I am not going to eat them anymore and exchange them with mushrooms, which I also like and which also have lots of protein. The bacon cubes are the only meat I eat anymore, so I may as well quit it completely. Besides, they are fattening also and I am already at the right weight.
Having quite forgotten that I have clean laundry in the washing machine, I have to go and hang that up to dry in a minute. Obviously, I will not be hanging that on the clothesline outside because it is pouring with rain. In autumn you can't very well complain about the weather, although I would love to do so and wish for sunny and crispy cold weekends. This is the first of two low pressure systems that reaches us courtesy of England, but it also means that when they come from the west, they aren't awfully cold. I would very much like for it not to freeze and snow this winter, but with the weather as unpredictable as it is nowadays, we can have winter when the season for it is over.
It is awfully dark in the living room with the sky as overcast and gray as it is now and I am going to have to turn on some lights. These are the kind of days that make your energy bill go up. As it is, I have temporarily closed the windows and turned up the heater a little, but that is a short lived luxury and I will soon turn the thermostat down again. It's enough to take the nip out of the air.


Gail said...

I'm glad to hear all is well.

The suns shines here with a nippy brisk wind.

Wisewebwoman said...

We lost the high wind and rain in the afternoon and I got out with Ansa. I find sundried tomatoes a real treat in my dishes. Intense flavour. And reasonable.