Thursday, November 21, 2013

The pleasures of life.

There is almost nothing quite as nice as having the pleasure of sitting down with a cup of coffee, despite claims I may have made to the contrary in the recent past, but I think what enhances that pleasure is that my hip hurts much less when I sit down. The pain that I do feel now is so much smaller in comparison to what I felt before, that I laugh at it and say to myself. "Is that all?" But having had to do without coffee for nearly 24 hours, does make me appreciate that beverage and double the pleasure with which I drink it.
I also had the pleasure of eating pasta with four kinds of vegetables for dinner without bacon cubes, which I have stopped adding, because with the amount that I did, I was steadily gaining weight. I didn't mind gaining some weight, but I was in danger of becoming chubby and my down jacket was getting a bit tight on me. Since that is my favorite jacket, I couldn't allow a situation like that to develop and I had to do what I dreaded doing and that was pay attention to the fat content of what I was eating. But I suppose that is only sensible if I want to prevent clogged arteries and not die of a heart attack.  A person can be in denial for only so long.
Because of my relative bad eyesight, I had been wearing my varifocals inside all the time, but always took them off when I went out because I was too vain to be seen with them in public. Although my glasses are very modern, or maybe because of that, I always felt that my face was hidden behind them and that you first saw my glasses and then you saw me. I also felt that I was looking at the world as if I was behind bars and constantly felt that I had to take them off. Sometimes I did take them with me if I knew I would have to read the small print on a label in the store, but I very seldom buy packaged food, so that didn't happen very often.
A few days ago, I suddenly remembered the existence of a pair of glasses I got when I had the same problem with the modern pair I had before this. My sister helped to pick that modern pair out and I was influenced by her taste, which is more daring than mine. I wore that pair reluctantly also, or not at all, and one day I got fed up with it and the Exfactor and I went to Specsavers and picked out a more modest pair, which I was happy with, but which my sister did not like at all. I ended up having very ambiguous feelings about this pair of glasses.
I got this modest pair out of the drawer they were in and put them on and liked them immediately, so it goes to show you that I should have listened to my own instincts all along. I put them on in the morning and don't take them off until I go to sleep at night and my eyes are thankful for it. I suppose you have to say, "What the hell!" to fashion and wear what you are most comfortable with. These glasses are not quite the right prescription, but they will do for now until I can get some new ones. I will take the Exfactor with me when I go to pick out the new pair because I trust his judgment. I have to have my eyes checked once a year because I have cataracts and it is possible that I will need to have stronger ones.
And that was the saga of my varifocals.

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