Monday, November 25, 2013

A different world...

Since I have quit smoking tobacco and switched to an electronic cigarette, the way I experience reality has changed a bit and I find it difficult to write a post for this blog. I don't really know what, at any given moment, is the most true about me and what are the most important things to write down. In the end, I think nothing much really is and, unless I have some sort of a big adventure one of these days, I don't see me sharing a heck of a lot. All the little details that I always went on about, don't seem to really matter anymore.

I have to adjust to life with less nicotine and no tar and other chemicals. My brain doesn't know what is happening to it. My body is getting used to it also.

This is no longer a roller-coaster ride.


Connie Rose said...

Well cheers to that (no longer being on a roller-coaster ride)! Glad you're okay and readjusting your life. I've been wondering where you were. Could it be that now is the time for you to get back into creative pursuits? Jus' sayin', with all this literal and figurative time on your hands. Have a good week, my friend. xoxo

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Congrats on quitting the smokes, though! I've heard that's one of the toughest addictions to break--good luck.

Maggie May said...

Those electronic cigarettes seem to be a novel way of giving up smoking.
Good luck with it.

Its the little seemingly unimportant things in a post that make you want to read!
I think there seems to be a distinct lack of bloggers about these days though! Everyone seems to feel a bit jaded with it.
Maggie x

Nuts in May