Friday, November 29, 2013

It's not working!

I always thought coffee was good at waking me up no matter what time of day or night it was, but the cups I am having now work more like a sleep elixir than the wide awakening embrace the caffeine is supposed to be, so I am having toast instead. Yes, I am having toast to get animated and happy, although I now think it may make me more sleepy and I will have to quickly drink more coffee or go back to bed, silly me.
Life can get complicated in the middle of the night when you are stubborn and single-mindedly want to stay up at all costs. On top of that, I am having a hot flash and had to take off my good old bathrobe to get comfortable and cool. Thank goodness that works immediately and I don't have to take anything else off. I do want to stay presentable in case of an emergency and not have to run out of the apartment half naked. One always has to be prepared and never loose one's decorum.
I have the pleasurable task of doing the week's groceries to look forward to, although my list is on the short side. That is because the Exfactor is getting all the fresh vegetables for me, including the potatoes which I am planning on eating most of the week instead of pasta. I discovered a great way to fix the Italian style vegetables with the potatoes and eat like a queen. The only problem is, that you start to look like a queen too and almost have to start counting your calories, but I said 'almost.' I have not yet lowered my eating standards to include this activity.
Gandhi has evolved to eating less delicate and more ordinary canned food, although it still has to be of a good quality, but would I feed her anything less? At least now she does no longer have the most exquisite of tastes and she has been eating so well that she is actually putting on weight. This is a good thing because she was too skinny. Someone who is definitely not skinny is Tyke and I am going to put him on a diet again and hope it works this time. I do worry about his health and I hate to think what the consequences can be of his overweight. I think it is ignorance on my part and mollycoddling him that has brought us to this. I have not thought this through well enough before and have been in denial.
My yoga teacher has been kind enough to send me a set of exercises that I can do while sitting in an upright chair. That way at least the top half of me stays in shape. I thought it was a kind thing of him to do and I am planning on going back to yoga as soon as I have the surgery and the recuperation period behind me. Hopefully this time I will get more guidance in that. I heard from my Tai Chi teacher who told me I was missed and so was my particular brand of humor, which is a nice thing to hear. I didn't realize it caught on, being so subtle.  
I looked into Aqua Gym for 55 Plusses, but it costs 45 Euros a month and that is just a bit too much for me. I will look up You Tube videos on the hand and arm movements of Tai Chi and learn to do them well. I will also do the morning exercise program on television, but not do the exercises I have trouble with now and concentrate on the top half of my body, while not completely neglecting my legs.
I am not even going to say that these are my intentions, because the road to where is paved with them? 

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Rob-bear said...

Life is highly changeable. About the time you have something figured out, it changes. Which, I think, is designed to keep us from getting bored.

I hope you, Gandhi, and Tyke all stay healthy.

Blessings and Bear hugs!