Sunday, November 03, 2013

The whimsy of nature...

Judging by the weather it is now, I will not be going anywhere in the morning because it is pouring rain outside and the wind is blowing quite a bit too. Even Tyke didn't want to stay out there too long when he had to go out back to do a piddle. I had to do a piddle myself and was too stubborn to go back to bed and continue sleeping. It seemed like a very boring way to spend the wee hours of the night and I wanted to do something else with my time that would amuse me more.
I always try to convince myself that not sleeping is more exciting than sleeping, and maybe it is so, but I do hope that I am in as good a mood in the morning as I am now. Of course, I do have that god awful pain in my knee and maybe it would be better if I did go lie down in my bed, but I am mentally not quite ready to. I am trying to get as comfortable in this chair as I can, and that means adjusting my weight from one bun to the other very often and stretching and bending my leg a lot. Not that these measures help. It would be too simple if they did.
I was planning on going to the St. Jan's church in the morning, where I also tried to go last weekend, but was thwarted because of the weather, which it looks like I will be again. If you want to look at it critically, you would almost think that my higher power is preventing me from having a religious experience. I will assume that three strikes mean I am out and that I am supposed to approach this area of interest in my life in another way. It could be that I am on the wrong track and that I am not meant to go to a protestant church, no matter how pretty and old it is.
I got some very good stickers in the mail from Greenpeace that I sent away for and I am planning on putting some of them on my suitcase so that I will recognize it easily when I next go some place on an airplane. Having said that, it is my wish that I do soon, but it looks like I will be home for the holidays. I have not yet been invited anywhere, but it is early days and maybe that will change. Just to be sure, I am keeping in mind that I will have to decorate the apartment somewhat for Christmas and one of these days soon, I am going to check what decorations I am going to need.

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Wisewebwoman said...

I hope you got to church to satisfy your curiosity, LOL.