Friday, November 01, 2013

Drink a cup of cheer...

In my case, that cup of cheer is a cup of coffee, which I am in desperate need of after just waking up from an afternoon nap. Life sure can be tough when you are in need of caffeine and you are waiting for the coffeemaker to get done dripping and subsequently for the caffeine to enter your system. Any moment now, it should hit my brain cells and start agitating them. I imagine myself turning into a cheerful, witty woman who can't get enough of life, instead of this sad sack of bones that I am now. I sure as heck need help this afternoon, and that never is the best time of the day for me.
I was in much better shape this morning when I went to my Tai Chi class, but as usual had a hard time being graceful and coordinated. It is really funny when I try that, but I do a great job with the warming up exercises and do better than half of the class with hanging in there. At the start of them, I look like I am going to cave in, but then I get my second wind and make it all the way through to the end. And the warming up exercises are not for sissies. You've got to be a tough broad in order to do them and I am surprised that with my osteoarthritis, I do them as well as I do.
I went and had coffee and cookies with the Exfactor afterwards, since I was in his neck of the woods anyway, and found out that he was planning on going to the open air market. I asked him to buy yellow peppers for me and onions, since they are relatively expensive at the supermarket. Not too long after I got home, he was already there with the purchases and I was surprised at how little money he spent on such good looking vegetables. I am going to ask him to buy more for me next week, because I also want garlic and those long red peppers that are spicier. I love the taste of peppers in my pasta and would like to eat as many of them as I can afford and then some.
I eat a hot lunch at 2 pm and then don't need to eat again for the rest of the day. I really eat a large amount of food that can sustain me until it is time to eat breakfast the next morning. I get so hungry during the day that I can't wait until dinnertime to eat a big meal, but I do usually have to take a nap afterwards and sometimes I sleep a bit longer than I had planned and wake up discombobulated. This is a state of affairs which can only be cured by a cup of very strong coffee.
I am awfully thirsty now and am going to have to drink several glasses of ice cold lemonade. My mind is balanced now, but my body is out of whack. It is also time to watch the news and find out what is going on in the world. Not that I will be able to make much difference, but it's good to be well informed.   


Wisewebwoman said...

Do the naps effect your sleep at night? I know mine do, I do better at night when I don't nap but sometimes (about once a week) the urge overwhelms me. And I pay for it.

I love fresh veggie in pasta.


Friko said...

When I read your posts about your daily routines I realise that your life is totally different from mine. That is good, the world would be a boring place if we were all the same. I can’t drink coffee, it would stop my heart. My drug of choice is chocolate.

I have three very regular meals a day, all of them smallish, because my stomach doesn’t like to be overfull.

But I often have a short nap after lunch, which I eat while watching the BBC news.

Cassie said...

That's great you are still going to the Tia Chi. I could never not eat after 2pm. I pick at sweets after our 5pm main meal until 10 pm. I always enjoy a good nap and usually manage to get one in every day. Good news on your new hairdo. I getting mine cut and coloured on Nov. 14 I've been saving up for the past couple of months.