Wednesday, November 13, 2013


It took several cups of coffee and two slices of bread with Nutella to get me in a functioning mode, but now that I am, I can finally write that blog post that I have been putting off. I started writing one several times, but always deleted it because I thought the subject matter was not really important enough to finish the post and save it and publish. I'll have to see if it is in any way different now. The proof will be in the pudding, which will be the final product.
Yesterday morning I did not feel at all like going to yoga and I had to really motivate myself to get on my bike and go there. When I was almost there, I felt like turning around and going back home where it was cozy and warm. Once I walked into the gym, I decided to change my attitude and make the best of it and to be as positive as I could be. There is no sense in being somewhere and not taking full advantage of what is offered.
Luckily, yoga's first attempt is to relax you and get you into the proper state of mind as soon as possible, and that is what happened. One of the warm up exercises is called 'greeting the sun' and until yesterday I had never been able to complete it because of my bum knee. Yesterday, to my great surprise, I was able to do the whole exercise and not once, but several times in succession. I had taken extra paracetamol before I left at the suggestion of my GP, and this may have helped.
I was so proud of myself, that the rest of the class seemed as easy as pie, even though it wasn't and new exercises were introduced that were tough. Sometimes my shoulders hurt so bad, and then the instructor said, "Hold it 20 more seconds," and I did, but don't ask me how. There are always one or two exercises that I am unable to do, but that is not bad for a class that lasts an hour and a half.
I can't sit behind the computer for a very long time like I used to. I get pain in my left hip if I sit here for a while and it is very uncomfortable. I do take extra paracetamol for that also, but the best thing to do is to go lie down in bed when the pain gets to that point. It's the main reason why I have stopped spending so much time on the internet.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good to hear your yoga is working out so well.
Your last post made me chuckle--I gave up perfume ages ago and it's incredible to me how sensitive my nose is now in an unscented house.

Rob-bear said...

Congratulations on getting to yoga, and doing things well. You an write whenever.

Over here it is wet and snowy. And cold. Not the weather to encourage much of anything, except cleaning the sidewalks so others can get through safely.

Blessings and Bear hugs!